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The History of SpongePedia is simple: In January 2006, Kevin Kyburz (Known as Aku) founded the Original German SpongePedia. In June 2007, he created the English version.

One day, two boys from Australia with usernames: (AndrewRox) and DanielRox wrote the first articles. Andrewrox gave the wiki it's legs and uploaded images and added excellent info for a few years. Then years past, the wiki started to grow.

Currently, the German SpongePedia has more than 4,000 articles, and this English one here has more than 2,700 articles. Also, on January 29, 2011, a new Spanish SpongePedia has been founded. But we can still grow. That's why WE NEED YOU! Join SpongePedia Today and expand your information of SpongeBob!

Today, 2,091 users are signed up.

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