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This is a list of appearances of the character Patrick Star in SpongeBob and Nicktoons shorts and specials. In total, Patrick has appeared in over hundreds of SpongeBob-related products.

Bold means Patrick was the main character of and/or played a major role in that short.

Italic means Patrick appears in a feature-length movie, a book, a video game, or a musical. It is also used for the titles of television shows that he appears in.

Appearances in SpongeBob shorts and specials

Appearances in SpongeBob shorts and specials so far: 12 (exact number of appearances in shorts: unknown)

  1. Astrology with Squidward (as a zodiac character)
  2. SpongeBob's Nicktoons Summer Splash (host)
  3. The Endless Summer
  4. Random Acts of SpongeBob ("Pie")
  5. Journey to Atlantis
  6. SpongeBob Surf Shorts ("Separation Anxiety" and "SpongeBoard")
  7. Truth or Square Shorts
  8. Back to the Past Shorts
  9. SpongeBob's Last Stand Shorts
  10. The Clash of Triton Shorts
  11. Gumshoe SquarePants ("Spongelock Holmes" and "What If The Mystery Ended This Way?")
  12. Frozen Krabby Patty Shorts

Appearances in Nicktoons shorts

Appearances in Nicktoons shorts: 4

  1. Nicktoons Battle
  2. 12 Days of Nickmas
  3. Patrick the Snowman
  4. Nickelodeon Holiday Party
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