Mr. Krabs' First Dollar

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Mr. Krabs' First Dollar
Patrick's Outcome

Mr. Krabs' First Dollar is a dollar featured only in the episode Wet Painters.


[edit] Looks

  • Mr. Krabs: His dollar is an ordinary dollar bill, only it was hung on the wall to say that it was his first dollar.
  • Patrick: Patrick's version of the dollar is simply dollar signs and a smiley face drawn on with crayon, thinking that Mr. Krabs would buy it.

[edit] Appearance

SpongeBob and Patrick were painting Mr. Krabs' House and SpongeBob got the most tiniest drop of paint on the first dollar. SpongeBob overreacted and tried to get it off, which only made it worse. They had to try many of distractions and then Mr. Krabs wiped the paint off with his saliva.

[edit] Episode Appearances

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the first dollar that Mr. Krabs ever made.
  • It may be similar to his first dime.
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