Make Out Reef

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Make Out Reef

Make Out Reef is a place in Bikini Bottom where couples park their cars and "make out". Patrons here are mostly teenagers. The place is only seen in the episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V. E.V.I.L. went here and started teasing couples, but they eventually forgot about it. The Chief knows the place, and Squidward may have been here on a date because in the Mermalair he said: "Ah, Make Out Reef. Good times, good times."

[edit] Design

Make Out Reef is simply like a parking lot. There are some rock formations. There is a steep trail which leads to the place. There is also a cliff, and a danger sign. There is also a entrance/exit path which is connected to the road at the bottom of the cliff. It is part of Bikini Bottom.

[edit] Patrons

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