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Hans' Hand in Suds
Hans washing SpongeBob
Hans washing Tom Kenny

Hans is a sailor that appears in a few episodes. His hands are the only part of him visible in every single episode he appears in. It is unknown if other parts of him besides his hands will be revealed in future episodes. He has a big role in Suds, where he gives SpongeBob the Sponge treatment and gives him a lollipop. Hans's voice is heard in that episode, but it is unknown who voices him however in the credits of Imitation Krabs it is revealed that Tom Kenny voiced him but it is still unknown who does him as the face wasn't revealed (hence you could see the body reflection when he is using SpongeBob to clean dishes at the sink plus adding the soap). In Model Sponge, his look gets more updated. At the end of Model Sponge, his hand is seen on the toilet after he says his longest line he's ever said, "Hey, Would you keep it down in here? I'm trying to concentrate!". In this episode, he has more of a Austrian accent than a Dutch accent. He also appears in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom when SpongeBob, Patrick, or Sandy go out of bounds or fall. He does the same thing in The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie video game. His hand appears again in the Rock Bottom museum in the game, on a portrait. His only lines were "Here's your lollipop." in Suds, "Ooh, yum yum." in Imitation Krabs, and "Hey, Would you keep it down in here? I'm trying to concentrate!" in Model Sponge.

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  • In the episode Model Sponge, Hans has an Austrian accent similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's.
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