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The Game

Eels and Escalators is a small game that was seen in the episode: Sailor Mouth. SpongeBob and Patrick were the only ones to play it.


There are two dice and they have eels and escalators on them. If you roll 2 eels, you travel down the board, making you one step closer to losing. If you get 2 escalators, then you go up making you closer to winning the game. If you go on too many eels, you'll lose. When there is an eel and an escalator, you go on whatever is closest, if it's an eel, you go down it, if an escalators nearest,you go up it. There are 3 escalators and 4 eels. It parodies Chutes and Ladders as a Bikini Bottom or sea version.

Champions at the Game

There are champions of Eels and Escalators but the main "King" of the game is Patrick. He rolls the dices and gets escalators all the time. SpongeBob is not very lucky at the game and keeps rolling Eels. Spongebob: come on Gary needs a pair of shoes [Spongebob rolls two dice to ride an eel] Patrick: oh eels too bad Spongebob you got to ride an eel Spongebob: Darn [Spongebob moves to an eel] Patrick: my turn [Patrick rolls two dice to climb escalators stairs] hooray escalators [patrick laughs] up up up. Spongebob: come on escalators escalators escalators [Spongebob rolls two dice to eels] aw eels again [Spongebob makes a player go to eels] Patrick: my turn [Patrick rolls two dice to escalators again] escalators. Spongebob: escalators escalators escalators [Spongebob rolls two dice to eels again and again] eels Patrick: [Patrick rolls two dice to escalators again and again] es.. kee.. lators [Patrick makes a player go up to escalators stairs] Spongebob this is your last chance. if you ride eels again you lose. Spongebob: ooh escalators escalators escalators [Spongebob rolls to escalators] ha escalators. [but it rolls to eels] Patrick: eels Spongebob: aw (dolphin chirping).lii is amazing


  • Eels and Escalators is based on Snakes and Ladders.
  • When Patrick goes up all the Escalators he tells SB he'll lose if he rolls Eels again and SB cheers when he nearly gets Escalators but if he knows that Patrick had gone up all the Escalators why didn't he know that he'll lose no matter what?
  • Patrick says that Eels and Escalators are his favorite but in Good Ol' Whatshisname his favorite game is Parcheesi.
  • It only appeared in Sailor Mouth.
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