Early Bikini Bottom

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Only place to get a burger back then

Early Bikini Bottom was first introduced in Friend or Foe?

[edit] Living

Times were tough back then at that particular time. As for Mr Krabs, his mother had to fashion his clothes from rags. Kids had to go to Grade School, and Krabs and Plankton HATED it. Not much is known about an adults life (other then Old Man Jenkins who looked not a year younger).

[edit] Entertainment

In Early Bikini Bottom people could go to the carnival and there were other small entertainment places. Its similar like the carnivals of modern days and you could buy balloons there for only 1 cent. In the carnival have mister Krabs saw first time a penny and he give it to buy Plankton a balloon.

[edit] Resturaunts

The only restaraunt was Stinky Burgers which was the only place to get a burger.It was owned by Stinky who was quite fat. Thisrestaurant inspired Mr Krabs and Plankton to make the Plabs Burger, the inspiration of the Krabby Patty. See Stinky Burgers for more details.

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