Dr. Gill Gilliam

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Gill Gilliam
First Appearance I Was a Teenage Gary
Gender: Male
Species: Fish
Color: Purple; one time Orange
Height: Tall
Interests: Treating Living Things Excluding Plants

Possibly Other Doctors

Dr. Gill Gilliam is a well known doctor in Bikini Bottom. He is usually seen whenever someone gets sick or has an accident. He is almost always purple, except in the episode "Once Bitten", he is orange. He has appeared in many episodes. Most of the time, he usually treats the main character of a certain episode. Dr. Gill Gilliam works at the Bikini Bottom Hospital. There he has treated many patients, and because he has helped so many people, it is possible that he has his own big ward or office.


Some Appearances

Dr. Gill Gilliam has had many appearances in the show and here are some of them.

I Was a Teenage Gary he debuted in this episode as the squeamish doctor who treats Gary the Snail

Suds: The doctor treats SpongeBob at the end of this episode.

I Had an Accident: After SpongeBob has the accident, the doctor warns him not to have another injury like that or he'll be put in the Iron Butt.

Squid's Day Off: He's seen for only a short time, releasing Mr. Krabs from the hospital.

Once Bitten: his name is revealed in this episode. He is the one who treats Gary the Snail and tells everyone that Mad Snail Disease does not exist.

Born Again Krabs: He Treats Mr. Krabs, but when he sees what disease Mr. Krabs has, he screams out, "Ahhh! Don't touch me!" and runs away.

I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: He's seen for only a short time when SpongeBob's appointment was done.

Band Geeks: Gill Gilliam has a very minor role at the beginning of the episode when Squidward Tentacles plays his clarinet so badly that Gilliam mistakes it for a dying animal.

Slide Whistle Stooges: He only makes a small appearance when Squidward first gets in the hospital. But at the end he's laughing with SpongeBob because the Whistle.

No Weenies Allowed: He tells SpongeBob to go to Weenie Hut General

The Cent of Money: He tells SpongeBob that Mr. Krabs is sick because he crashed into to many coins.

Shellback Shenanigans: He works at the Pet Hospital.


Gill is a kindhearted person who treats patients with full up most respect. He has never been nasty although a bit cheeky in the episode: Suds when he 'treated' Patrick. He is a type of person who knows what he is doing, but if someone tells him something that is wrong, he will kindly correct him like in the episode: Once Bitten.


Earlier in the series, Dr. Gill Gilliam was a purple color. As of Season 4, Gill has changed his body color and he looks a bit heavier. He has a mask on top of his head and a white doctor’s shirt with a tag that says he is a snail expert and a snail disease expert. He has big green lips and his eyes are average size, and they are teal or light blue surrounding. He has black eyebrows and he is an average size. Since season 7, he starts being purple again.


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