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Clarinetland only appears in the episode: Squidward in Clarinetland. It is a huge unknown place where there are lots of Clarinets. The houses all look like huge Clarinets. SpongeBob takes Squidward's clarinet and takes it into Clarinetland. Then Squidward looks for his Clarinet everywhere. He enters it by crawling through a hole in a wall in the filing room that SpongeBob made out of Mr. Krabs's old locker, that leads to the back of a stage. The curtain opens up to be Clarinetland. There is a giant bird in this land called the Clarinetland Bird.

[edit] Areas

  • The first area has many clarinets sticking out of the ground. The Clarinetland Bird is in this area and eats Squidward, who states he's looking for his clarinet (the Clarinetland Bird believes that clarinets are not owned by anyone). Squidward falls into the stomach where he finds SpongeBob. This leads to several other bizarre rooms.
  • A room where there is a chair and two mirrors. Squidward's reflections tease him by putting their clarinets in their mouths.
  • An area where three playing clarinets loom overhead. There is also a clarinet that acts like a cannon.
  • A SpongeBob-themed pinball table which Patrick is playing. This area also has a giant vacuum.
  • Finally, Squidward chases SpongeBob into outer space. He floats in space until he bumps into the front of the locker.
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