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Bubble Blowing, a hobby in Bikini Bottom, is mostly performed by SpongeBob. Patrick and Squidward both try to do it, but end up blowing puny ones. To help people blow bubbles, SpongeBob shows them the "technique", the label of bubbles is "Super Bubble". Although he is a pro bubble blower, none of his bubble creations (usually surface animals or boats) have lasted forever, because all bubbles pop eventually (usually when Patrick takes a picture of them). Bubbles appear in every episode of SpongeBob, created by landforms, movement of things, or vibrating. Sometimes they just simply appear in the background. Bubbles in Bikini Bottom are nowhere near as physically correct as real life Bubbles , probably because of how they are created. For example, fish moving in real life would not create bubbles like it does in Bikini Bottom.

In Atlantis SquarePantis, it is shown that bubble blowing has been around for centuries, and Atlantis is home to the oldest in existence. Unfortunately, Patrick pops it when he takes a photo.

In New Kelp City, bubble blowing was outlawed in the city cause of the Bubble Poppin' Boys until SpongeBob blew them away in a giant bubble. When SpongeBob became mayor he made it legal to blow bubbles.

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