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hi there I love Spongebob so much that I married him when he was on tv I loved him since I was a little girl and I still do I watch him daily it is a show that is by far appropriate for all ages with some adult comedy that little kids don't understand I get excited to watch him I have Spongebob pjs and a Spongebob cd that I listen to each night before I go to bed

green Favorite color(if light), eye color

Second favorite color Light blue

live United States Wisconsin

birthday June 4th 1997

hair color brown

name of best friend Rachel(who I knew since preschool and are still bffs today)

favorite number 4

Second favorite color 2

love to be active, bike, listen to music, run short distances, be on computer, , use the words awkward and polka dots, staying in fashion, using seeing wearing polka dots and stripes, wearing basketball shorts

favorite shows Spongebob silent library afv

Favorite songs rolling in the deep, tonight tonight, forget you, jar of hearts, no hands, look at me now, you think your cooler than me, arms

Good singers mike posner, Taylor swift, Chris brown, taio Cruz, Bruno mars, ceelo green, Christina perri, and more

favorite Christmas present Cell phone

Two favorite aunts Jayne(moms side) and Linda(dad's side)

Favorite cousin my cousins kid Elena (even though she is younger than me)

I am flexible teenage (14), girl, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter, tall, thin, fun to be around, fair, a bottomless pit, neighbor kid, ex-girlfriend, bff , good friend, a distant friend a friend from different area, student ,person, picky eater, smart, soft heart, can get violent, good at keeping secrets, hard restless heavy sleeper, but most of all a Spongebob fan !!!

I look good in bright colors and brown

I get Tan, angry easy, amused easy

my favorite sport to play soccer

fun annoying my older sister, writing stories, my trampoline, games

I hate reading ,math, bad people, and the word whom, the numbers 3 and 5, the phrase any whom love history fruit exercise friends and family Spongebob

want for future to be happy green punch bug to STAY popular hot rich guy flashy colored house funny fact about me I can be very girly and I can be very not I love camping and stuff that most super girly girls would never do

'if you are still reading that means you read most if not all of it so thank you I appreciate you and give you high hopes now if you are reading this cheer for reading all of it and being a Spongebob fan''''''''''''''''''''''''please check out my less boring disscussion'''''''''''

          --duct 18:51, 16 August 2011 (CEST)spongy--duct 18:51, 16 August 2011 (CEST)
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