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Favorite Episodes SB vs.the Big One, All 5 Legends of Bikini Bottom, Club SpongeBob, The Camping Episode, Sand Castle in the Sand, Chum Bucket Supreme, More episode coming soon

Club SpongeBob
Age 12
Birthday - | SpongePedia Start April 25, 2010
SpongePedia Finish Unknown
Other Info My name is ????. I also like SpongePedia, Xbox, TV, and Destroying Worlds!

You know what? F*ck this site! Even less people use this site that there are viewers of SpongeBob! SpongeBob hasn't been good since 2002, back when you unemployed c*nts had lives. I don't feel safe using a website if you worthless f*cks are still on it! Hello? Is anyone still there at this point?! You know what? FIND A HOLE AND DIE IN IT, YOU F*CKS!!!

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