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Frank at the Park.

Seashell Park is seen in many episodes. It is where people go fishing, do karate, swing, have picnics, walk in the park, etc. It is a very visited place in Bikini Bottom, with many patrons who come here to relax. You can also buy balloons from Lou.

[edit] Design

The design of the Park looks very peaceful. Swings, spring toys, slides and other playground items are here. There are also many trees, a bridge, and a river where you can rowboat for free. There are also picnic grounds and benches. In the GBA version of Battle for Bikini Bottom the 1-2 level I believed that is called Hi Ho Mystery Away! 1-4 Please Please kelp me! does have some bridges and rivers. In Chapter 3 or 3-3 Mystery loves company is really night.

[edit] Trivia

  • Many people flock here on holidays, like Free Balloon Day.
  • Why would Bikini Bottomites go fishing there? Unless they're cannibals.
  • Place is based in Central Park in New York City.
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