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The Sunny Shores Vendor yelling at Patrick

The Sunny Shores Vendor is a green fish that gives away brochures for Sunny Shore Resorts. He appears in That's No Lady.

[edit] Looks

He has a light green color with a tiny hat on his head, and a suit.

[edit] Quotes

  • Get out of town!

[edit] Trivia

  • It is unknown why he acted so angry towards Patrick. It is possible that he wanted to sound loud and serious like Angry Jack.
  • He is really good at seeing through disguises.
  • He must have came from Sunny Sea Resort.
  • It is strange that he tells Patrick, while he is in his Patricia disguise, to "Get outta town" again.
  • Patrick and SpongeBob thought that he was an assassin.
  • Two deleted scenes shows him calling out to Patrick that he didn't mean to frighten him, and also explaining his job and why he yelled at him in the ending.
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