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SpongeBob.com is the official website of the show. It was made for the 10th anniversary. The website has many clips from episodes, but has much less full episodes. It also contains playlists of episodes. The separate website was actually taken down, so whenever you type: SpongeBob.com, it redirects you to SpongeBob.Nick.com

[edit] The Site

The website contains a large amount of games. Once a week a Quick Play game released. The website also includes other games, including puzzles or action. There is also a Game Builder and a Cartoon Creator. Some of these games include: 1. SpongeBob's Jellyfishin' Mission 2. There is a Creator's Blog where the crew posts interviews and news. In the beginning it was updated a lot, but now is only updated when specials or TV movies premire, such as, SpongeBob vs. The Big One, Truth or Square, and SpongeBob's Last Stand.

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[edit] More SpongeBob Websites

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