Salty Sponge (Episode)

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Salty Sponge

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Episode No.: 281a
Season: 13
Airdate: January 27, 2023
Previous Episode: Wallhalla
Next Episode: Karen for Spot
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown
Sally Spitoon Kate Higgins
281a Image.jpg

Salty Sponge is a season 13 episode.





Spongebob walks to work and realizes that the Krusty Krab is closed due to a sea urchin infestation. In the meantime, Mr. Krabs has transferred Squidward to the circus, and SpongeBob to the The Salty Spitoon. when he gets there he gets there he says he is scared of all the tough people. Mr. Krabs says you just got to look tough.After going inside, SpongeBob bumps into a large shark. He gets the shark's attention and compliments his blue eyes, which indirectly starts a brawl between another whale patron with green eyes. SpongeBob is pulled out of the battle by an anglerfish, who is the boss of the place, and she takes him to the kitchen. the boss demands he makes a brick with nails with extra motor oil. Suddenly, Mrs. Puff (as "Puff the Tuff") shows up, wearing a wig and spiked jacket. When she sees SpongeBob serving at the grill, she runs out screaming. The shark gets suspicious and asks why Mrs. Puff is afraid of him. Mo and the boss test SpongeBob with some "Trials of Toughness." the first test is riding a mechanical bull spongebob thinks the bull needs a break from people riding it so he goes under it and launches it out of the building Next, they use a cinder block as a punching bag. SpongeBob misses his aim and knocks over another customer's plate, sending his fork flying and landing in the head of another patron, who compliments his punch. In a "body hair strength" competition, SpongeBob uses his abrasive side and carves a piece of wood into a sculpture of his opponent. SpongeBob is declared the toughest guy in the Spitoon, and is given full power to do whatever he wants to the a day the Salty Spittoon is renovated to the Softy Spittoon. a togh new group of bikers show up the bikers were confused because they thought they were going to the toughest place in town then one of them yells at a shark making him cry leading to a brawl.Mr. Krabs arrives, only to walk in on the large-scale fight. The anglerfish boss compliments SpongeBob, who is able to do his job and serve the customers while everyone is fighting. The boss wants to keep him, but Krabs demands to have him back. They get into a fight, and SpongeBob saves Mr. Krabs, saying that the place might be too dangerous for him. He gives Krabs a piggyback ride out of the restaurant, as the Softy Spitoon customers chase after him. A pan back to the restaurant's kitchen shows the Employee of the Month wall, with a photo of a smiling SpongeBob captioned "Employee of da Year" that is surrounded by childlike drawings.


Transcript for Salty Sponge

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