Mad Snail Disease

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Mad Snail Disease is a myth that was confirmed to be false by Dr. Gill Gilliam at the end of the episode "Once Bitten." The name seems to be a spoof of Mad Cow Disease or Mad Human Disease aka Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease, while the disease itself resembles Rabies. The disease only exists in snails and the myth was revealed in "Once Bitten." It is a myth that everyone is afraid of getting.


[edit] Disease Characteristics

Developing symtom

Based on the episode "Once Bitten," a lot about this disease/myth was revealed, including how a snail that has this disease behaves, the symptoms following the victim being bitten, and what happens when the entire body gets full of the germs spores.

[edit] Symptoms of a Snail with Disease

The symptoms of an infected snail are somewhat similar to the symptoms of rabies:

  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Unusual behavior, including biting everyone which is unseen
  • Gets very angry when it gets touched
  • Weird panting
  • Possibly paranoia with hallucinations

[edit] After Being Bitten

The victim usually receives the following problems after being bitten by an infected snail:

  • Loss of Balance
  • Ticklish Rib cage
  • Dryness of Throat
  • Messy Pants
  • Severely Untrimmed Toenails
  • Bloodshot Eyes
  • It will turn you into a "zombie"

[edit] Afterwards

When the germs that come from the snail have taken over the entire body, the victim turns into a "zombie". In "Once Bitten," this was used to make a spoof of "Night of the Living Dead."

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