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"Idiot Friends" is a song from the episode Pest of the West. It's played at the very end of the episode.

[edit] Lyrics

SpongeBuck: Hey, Everybody! It's good to be here at the Krusty Kantina! We got a real special show for y'all tonight! Featuring my new best pal, this guy! (Pecos Patrick gets on stage,) He's an idiot! (Everyone cheers)

Pecos Patrick: So, what are we going to sing about, SpongeBuck?

SpongeBuck: We're going to sing a song about friends!

Pecos Patrick: What kind of friends, SpongeBuck?

SpongeBuck: Well, listen up and I'll tell you!

Who's there for you when you are sad and down?
Idiot friends!
Who picks you up and smacks you all around?
Idiot friends!
Who's puts thorns on you?
So you can save the town.
Idiot friends, idiot friends, idiot friends!
Duh, duh, doo, doo, doo
Idiot Friends!
Duh, dee, dah, duh, duh, duh
Idiot Friends!
Doo De Da Da Doo Doo
You know SpongeBuck, Everyone knows what I've done for you. 
Well, what have you got for me?
Who, helps you pick your pants up from the ground.
Thanks, buddy
Only an idiot friend would do that!
Let's bring it on home, idiot friend
Who lets you ride on his coffin?
Slaps you hard and often?
What do you and me have in common? 
We're idiot friends...!

(Everyone Cheers)

SpongeBuck: Thank you, thank you very much.

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