Episodes/Season 12

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242a=old coot day 1dec2018 nl:8maa2019

242b=yelly pants 15oct2018 nl:11maa2019

243a=sandy's nutty nieces 18aug2018 nl:12maa2019

243b=krustykrab.com 7sep2018 nl:13maa2019

244a=tiny squidward 2nov2018 nl:14maa2019

244b=trianglepants 8sep2018 nl:15maa2019

245=R.I.P. krusty krab 1feb2019 nl:1may2019

246a=sponge-quake 9sep2018 nl:2may2019

246b=bed n breakfast 8oct2018 nl:3may2019

247a=mr crustacean 10sep2018 nl:4may2019

247b=oh,sandy 3nov2018 nl:5may2019

248a=squidliam 22dec2018 nl:22jun2019

248b=krabby zoo 4nov2018 nl:23jun2019

249a=help wanted again 1maa2019 nl:24jun2019

249b=mermapatties 29oct2018 nl:25jun2019

250a=sandy snail 5nov2018 nl:26jun2019

250b=sick squid 22feb2019 nl:29jun2019

251a=treetown of sandys 15dec2018 nl:30jun2019

251b=house of sponge 1jun2019 nl:1jul2019

252a=chummy sticks 4jan2019 nl:2jul2019

252b=shady mr krabs 8dec2018 nl:3jul2019

253a=leavin the chum bucket 12apr2019 nl:12jul2019

253b=sponges new job 6jan2019 nl:13jul2019

254a=pot of meat 5jan2019 nl:14jul2019

254b=hey you 29dec2018 nl:15jul2019

255a=krab noob 15feb2019 nl:16jul2019

255b=blackjack returns 7jan2019 nl:7aug2019

256a=cake 2maa2019 nl:8aug2019

256b=sad job 8jan2019 nl:9aug2019

257a=ay 12may2019 nl:10aug2019

257b=other chum 8feb2019 nl:8sep2019

258a=terubble 3maa2019 nl:9sep2019

258b=graveyard time 4maa2019 nl:10sep2019

259=noir sponge 29jun2019 nl:11sep2019

260a=tame the town 13may2019 nl:12sep2019

260b=fry grade 5maa2019 nl:5oct2019

261a=doodle plankton 5apr2019 nl:6oct2019

261b=bad shake 22jun2019 nl:7oct2019

262a=no more snail-po 26apr2019 nl:8oct2019

262b=poop puff 14apr2019 nl:9oct2019

263a=jumbo schrimp returns 1jul2019 nl:12oct2019

263b=home sweet treedome 19apr2019 nl:13oct2019

264a=spuidman 15may2019 nl:14oct2019

264b=mr puff revived 5jul2019 nl:15oct2019

265a=squarepants/bubblebottom family reunion 16may2019 nl:16oct2019

265b=boat jellyfish 15jun2019 nl:15nov2019

266a=shutral-tv 2jul2019 nl:16nov2019

266b=planky road 4jul2019 nl:17nov2019

267a=na-na 8jun2019 nl:18nov2019

267b=korean madness 3jul2019 nl:19nov2019

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