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Gene Scallop talking about the Krusty Krab

The Bottom Feeding Segment is hosted by Gene Scallop that was only seen in the episode: The Krusty Sponge.

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Barbara: And there were no survivors.

Bob: And now it's time for "Bottom Feeding" with Gene Scallop.

Mr. Krabs: Turn it up, Squidward. (does so)

Gene Scallop: Thank you, Bob. This week, I visited...

Bob: You're welcome, Gene.

  • Gene stares at Bob with utter silence for 5 seconds*

Gene Scallop: (clears throat) This week I reviewed the Krusty Krab restaurant, the local burger joint that's second to none. Or should I say second to "run" since this critic wanted to make like a banana and peel out the minute he saw how drab this Krab really was.

Barbara: That bad, huh, Gene?

Gene Scallop: Barbara, once I stuck my beak through that door, my appetite flew south for the winter. I mean, I'm not "kidding" when I say this restaurant smells like the rear-end of a goat. (customers smell the aroma)

Bob: And how was the service, Gene?

Gene: You could find livelier help in a graveyard and I'm not just "coffin." (two customers are whispering to each other) The management stunk so bad, I had to get my sweater dry cleaned on the way home with me in it. (customer start murmuring and walking out)

Mr. Krabs: Hey, no, wait, wait!

Gene: However, at the end of my visit, I chowed down on a meal that titillated my taste buds and gratified my gullet. That Sponge behind the grill is no square when it comes to cooking! (excited talking as the customers rush to sit down at their tables ready for some food) If Krabs really wanted to soak up the dough, he'd Sponge it up. He'd Sponge it out, he’d over-Sponge it. You can never have too much Sponge. (Mr. Krabs' eyes turn into SpongeBob)

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