Bikini Bottom Mall

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The Mall

The Bikini Bottom Mall is a shopping place in Bikini Bottom. It appears in Whale of a Birthday, To Love a Patty, Money Talks, and Battle for Bikini Bottom. From those episodes, it shows a lot of what they sell. Like pet seahorses, boats, ballet shoes, lipsticks, and a whole lot of teenage girl stuff.

It also sells fairytale costumes, corn dogs, diapers, and lollipops. Pearl and her friends love to shop there, and they buy a variety of objects there.

Design (Exterior)

The mall is a very big design and it has a large, semicircle door, which is presumably made out of glass. It is revealed from far away that it has 3 main floors, and a top floor with 5 windows on the enterance side. It has a HUGE foghorn at the top, which probably rings something loud. it is fairly rusty although it looks to be made out of good metals. There are also middle sized foghorns on the very top of the fourth floor. the main Color of the outside is a dark brown, light brown and rusted white...


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