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Agent Twirp is the main antagonist of the episode For Here or to Go?. He is the CEO of the Bogus Business Bureau.

[edit] Appearance

Agent Twirp is the CEO of the Bogus Business Bureau. One day, Agent Twirp gets a call from Plankton. Plankton reports to Agent Twirp that Mr. Krabs, founder of the Krusty Krab, is holding a bun-seed contest, whose winner receives a free Krabby Patty, and won't let Plankton participate in the contest. Agent Twirp arrives to the Krusty Krab in a helicopter and orders Mr. Krabs to let Plankton guess, or face being shut down. Mr. Krabs is forced to agree. Plankton guesses 500,301. Mr. Krabs says Plankton is wrong, but Agent Twirp orders Mr. Krabs to count the seeds. It turns out Plankton was right.

Mr. Krabs, desperate to stall, changes the rules such as adding a puppet show to the contest, claiming that they're out of buns, etcetera; but due to SpongeBob's stupidity, fails. Mr. Krabs reluctantly gives Plankton his patty and Plankton asks for it to be taken to go. SpongeBob is about to wrap the Krabby Patty, but Mr. Krabs gets an idea. He grabs the patty and tells Plankton that the rules state that he has to eat (and swallow) the Krabby Patty on the premises. Plankton reluctantly complies after Agent Twirp upholds the rules.

Despite standing up for Plankton, Agent Twirp did uphold Mr. Krabs' rules such as allowing a show, and saying that Plankton had to eat the Krabby Patty on the premises.

[edit] Trivia

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