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'''Determinator:''' A few droplets gently cascade over your body.
'''Determinator:''' A few droplets gently cast gate over your body.
'''Squidward:''' Oh, yeah!
'''Squidward:''' Oh, yeah!
'''Determinator:''' Visualize yourself in a private grotto. Focus on your preseptions on the neighbor-stroner, as a soothing nature.
'''Determinator:''' Visualize yourself in a provate grotto. Focus on your preseptions on the neighbor-stroner, as a stothin' nature.
'''Patrick:''' Huh.
'''Patrick:''' Huh.
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'''Determinator:''' You are one with nature.
'''Determinator:''' You are one with nature.
'''Squidward:''' Ahh.
'''Squidward:''' Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
(SpongeBob and Patrick giggle)
(SpongeBob and Patrick giggle)

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