Plane to Sea (Episode)

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Plane to Sea

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Episode No.: 277b
Season: 13
Airdate: July 22, 2022
Previous Episode: Captain Pipsqueak
Next Episode: Squidferatu
Characters Voice actors
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
277b Image.jpg

Plane to Sea is a season 13 episode.

[edit] Info

[edit] Characters

[edit] Plot

One day Squidward goes out to get his mail. But when he opens the mailbox all he finds are SpongeBob and Patrick's butts. So he kicks the mailbox wich makes them fall out. Then he says he's going back to sleep and walks back towards his door, but when he opens it SpongeBob and Patrick are already inside. And ask him if he's going to read his mail but when he says no SpongeBob reads it for him. He tells Squidward that he won a trip to see Bora Bora Bottom but Squidward saysthat he never entered his name for any competition. And SpongeBob says that him and Patrick entered for him. And that he was the winning family and then SpongeBob tells him that you had to be a family to go on the trip. So Squidward is in the airport with Spongebob and patrick dressed as kids. And are boarding the plane, Squidward gives the person his ticket and they board the plane. Imediately SpongeBob and Patrick start annoying Squidward and then Patrick says that he has to use the bathroom, so he walks over to it. And there are two doors to choose from one to the bathroom and the other to exit the plane. And Patrick chooses the wrong one wich makes a flight atendant get sucked out of the plane wich makes Patrick mad thinking she skipped him in line. and then the other flight attendant came over and asked were the other flight attendant was and Patrick says "she's in the bathroom see" and opens the door making her get sucked out too. but before they fell out there hats fell off and SpongeBob and patrick found them and think they are flight attendants and start really annoying Squidward so he goes to the pilot to ile a complaint but then patrick opens the door again making the pilot and co-pilot get sucked out and Squidward realized that nobody was flying the plane and he tries to fly it and somehow they land safely but then Patrick realizes it was on auto-pilot the whole time so Squidward is about to get out when the plane flies back to Bikini bottom and Squidward asks SpongeBob whats happening and he tells him that it was just a trip to see Bora Bora Bottom not stay there.

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