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This is a list of appearances of the character Patrick Star in SpongeBob books and similar media. In total, Patrick has appeared in over hundreds of SpongeBob-related products.

Bold means Patrick was the main character of and/or played a major role in that book.

Italic means Patrick appears in a feature-length movie, a book, a video game, or a musical. It is also used for the titles of television shows that he appears in.

[edit] Appearances in SpongeBob books

Appearances in books so far: 16

  1. The Amazing SpongeBobini
  2. Hands Off!
  3. SpongeBob's Secret Valentine
  4. And the Winner is...
  5. SpongeBob and the Princess
  6. The Great Snail Race (Book)
  7. Show Me the Bunny!
  8. UFO!
  9. Surf's Up, SpongeBob!
  10. My Name is CheeseHead
  11. SpongeBob DetectivePants: The Case of the Missing Spatula
  12. SpongeBob DetectivePants in The Case of the Vanished Squirrel
  13. SpongeBob SquarePants: Good Times!
  14. SpongeBob SquarePants: The Great Escape!
  15. SpongeBob, Soccer Star!
  16. The Great Patty Caper
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