Gene Scallop

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Gene Scallop
Bottom feeding with Gene Scallop

Gene Scallop is the food critic from the episode The Krusty Sponge. He inspires Mr. Krabs to re-do the Krusty Krab and name it "The Krusty Sponge". He also hosts the segment "Bottom Feeding" on BBN (Bikini Bottom News). He is very strict and tough on restaurants but provides good constructive criticism. He is voiced by actual movie critic, Gene Shalit and Gene Scallop even looks much alike to Gene Shalit.


Gene wears a purple jumper and a green bow tie. He has a black afro, a big mustache, and glasses where you can not see his eyes. His skin is light purplish but spongy after eating the yellow patty. Under his velvet colored vest is a cream shirt. He has a Chin (Many People believed it to be him smiling). Despite his name he's a fish

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