Episode Transcript: I ♥ Dancing

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Scene 1

(Scene zooms in on Squidward's house. Door opens, Squidward appears).

Squidward says "The coast looks clear..."

Steps outside, and closes the door to his house, and standing in front of it with his hands over it as if he does not want anyone to see him.

Tiptoes away... down the road...

Walks by SpongeBob's pineapple house just as it opens.

(title card music for Fools in April and Wormy plays as SpongeBob says, "Hi, Squidward!"

Squidward grunts and keeps walking down the street.

Starts jogging toward Squidward and stops right in front of him. (Squidward stops walking).

(Raises his hand in the air and twirls around)

(Starts tapping his feet)...

He points near Squidward's forehead, and in the other derection as he turns around.

He says "Today I feel like doing some dancing!"

(He points down, and then points to Squidward as the music stops).

Squidward says in an uninterested voice, "That's funny. Even a barnacle knows you need music to dance."

SpongeBob puts his finger up to his mouth and starts shaking his butt side to side saying, "Oh-ho-ho, I got music, friend..."

(Runs up to Squidward) He says, "...In my mind!" (takes out his brain)

(musical notes come out of it, rock music plays. SpongeBob turns a dial, and banjo country-style music comes out of it. He turns it again, and acoustic ballad music plays)

(Scene goes back to SpongeBob, still holding his brain up out of his head) He says, "Oh I love this song!"

He throws his brain up into the air, and runs away. He takes off his hat with a funny face, and his brain lands back into his head.

He rubs his hand together and says, "Here I go!"

(He starts walking back and fourth and waving his floppy arms mysteriously, with a face as if he is sleepwalking). (Maracas join the music)

(Turns, and starts moving his legs forward and in back of each other).

Squidward walks away saying "That is the most stupidest dance move I've ever seen."

SpongeBob huffs and makes a face not like any other to this reaction and says "Who put you on the planet?"

(breathes heavily)

The scene goes back to Squidward still walking toward the Krusty Krab, but SpongeBob is walking backwards behind him with a cheerful face.

Scene 2

This scene is at the Krusty Krab and Spongebob is doing a pharoh-like dance in the kitchen listening to music that is similar to the title card music of Squid On Strike.

SpongeBob then lifts his leg, and uses his spatula to pick up six patties, and then hops on the wall.

He flies up the wall, onto the ceiling, and the gravity forces down the patties onto one big plate with six smaller plates on it, but the patties all land on the same plate.

Then, the patties all bounce onto the plate they should be on.

SpongeBob walks over to the plate with his hands over his pants as if he has to pee, then he lifts his arm, then his other in a pattern, then twirls around.

When he stops, the top buns are on his back. They all fly off, and onto the patties one at a time.

The door swings open, and SpongeBob with a smile holds up all six krabby patties in one hand (with Squidward still watching).

Then, he throws the patties up into the air, and starts whistling, walking backwards right then left, then stops when the patties all fly on Squidward's head.

Spongebob's hands are up in the air when one grabs the giant plate. Then, he runs away skipping, varrying the plate with one hand again.

A scene from the cash register-boat is seen with Squidward's face flat, and then he moans.

SpongeBob points to the ground closing his eyes, twirling the plate on one finger.

Then, a close-up scene of the plate appears, and all the krabby patties fly of the big plate, still on their little ones all to the right customers.

A gag appears: A customer recieves his patty, a drink, some french fires, a sandwich on french bread, and then the pizza from Pizza Delivery appears and lands on top of the table covering everything else.

He sticks his tongue out like a dog getting ready to eat it, but a knight falls on it. Then, the entire table collapses.

SpongeBob is now seen in front of the door. He is still twirling the plate around on one finger, then he twirls himself around, and he starts to float in the air.

He lands in front of another customer's table, and all that is left on the plate is one krabby patty.

He starts sliding left, then he slides right, and gallops like a (sea)horse, and jump ropes over the patty once, and falls down.

SpongeBob gets back up, ansd starts moving his legs, and takes his hat off, holding the plate in the other hand.

He then holds the patty with two hands for a quick second, and the area where his neck is splits in half marked by the top of his shirt, and the patty slips through the opening.

Then, he does that again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and then he jumps up, and uses the patty like a rope to swing back to where he was before in front of the table.

He then smiles, and bows causing the patty to slide off of the giant plate, and onto the table.

Both the customer and SpongeBob smiles as SpongeBob alone says, "your krabby patty, ma'am."

Then, he raises the plate and says "now eat it, swallow it, and chew it down!"

Then the customer says as SpongeBob walks away, "Oh, thank you very much, darling. And your dance moves are really cool, too."

SpongeBob's head then flexes back and asks, "Really?" and he runs back to the customer.

"You like my dancin'?" SpongeBob asks.

The customer replies back holding a remote with an attena coming out of it, "that's right, kid, you got the dazzle-dazzle-dazzle."

"I love how you did that shuffle into the moonsault, and then backed the landing!"

SpongeBob giggles with another scene on him, "well, that's very nice of you to say" and walks away. SpongeBob stops with a surprised face as the customer says "wait!"

The customer says "I'm not finished speaking words." The next scene of her, she's standing up.

"I'm a high-cast talent agent and I want to invite you to an audition. I am a very talented client who needs a backup dancer and you got what it takes!"

(she gives SpongeBob a card) She says "come down to my dance stuido tomorrow afternoon. You're goin' places, kid." (she walks away).

Scene 3

(SpongeBob smoving his legs running next to the cash register-boat). An irritated Squidward says "Would you please stop dancing?"

SpongeBob replies, "No, I can't stop dancin' now, Squidward. I have to practice for my big audition tomorrow!" (holds up his card in front of Squidward whose eyes are following it).

Squidward says, "You got a dance audition?" SpongeBob says, "That's right!" (starts moving his feet) "...so I gotta practice as much as I can until tomorrow."

(makes beeping sound running back into the kitchen).

Squidward says, "That idiot got a dance audition? He doesn't know the first thing about suddle intercasies of dance!"

(sighs) "Let him practice 'til he drops! He's gotta make it to that part." (stops, with a mischevious smile)

He says in a sneaky voice, "That's it! He'll just have to practice 'til he drops! when he does, I'll be there all tidied up and ready to show my stuff!"

(Jumps into the kitchen window) "Oh, SpongeBob! SpongeBob, wait! SpongeBob..." (jumps onto the kitchen ground "...duh, I mean, uh..."

(Squidward's eyelids droop a little, and he says)... "I suppose I could take you under my toodilage, you know, show you a few moves."

SpongeBob says, "Under your toodilage, really, you mean it?"

(SpongeBob's mouth shrinks) Squidward says, "But, you must do exactly as I say. Got that?"

(SpongeBob's eyes grow, and raises his head a little bit) SpongeBob says, "I am dance-putty in your hands!"

Scene 4

(This scene appears at Squidward's house, first from the outside, then from the inside).

(Spongebob and Squidward are both on the top floor with dancing outfits on). Squidward is writing on a checkboard saying, "Hm...."

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