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Welcome to my talk page... Yeah... welp, leave a message after the beep. BEEEEEP! Do you like Seasons 8 & 9? But i argree with you Seasons 4,5,6,and 7 were horible. I think Season 8 is Ok and Season 9 is good.


Let me answer your question. (Main) Pages are protected from vandalisers. Talk Pages are protected because they where the redirect for spam in the past, says Japanlover97. Formula Knower! talk 23:36, 31 December 2012 (CET)

I Hate Santa Claus

Kill that white n*gger fat fukk Santa for ruinin' ma Christmas spirit hood! -- 07:00, 16 November 2013 (CET)

Change Your Name to "Absolutely Hates Season 4-10"

Every single SpongeBob episode after Season 1 is bloody horrible. Season 2 and 3 were A OK, season 4-9 Good God I'd rather knife my face open. Season 10 starts in December and with a Pusha T rapper makin' da eppiez it will also be bad!


Season 1: 10/10

Season 2: 5/10

Season 3: 6/10

Season 4: 4/10

Season 5: 6/10

Season 6: 0/10 (sooooo gross family guy is less gross than this trash)

Season 7: 1/10

Season 8: -1/10

Season 9: -1000/10 (this show looks like effing crap in HD. SpongeBob acts like a f--in little girl now. he smells like a baby's azz wipe i bet. if you like the new episode, you sure have poor taste in humor) 07:03, 16 November 2013 (CET)

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