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Vandals, my turkey friends will invade your house if you vandalize it here
Vandals, even though Patrick is distracted eating a Krabby Patty, he'll still catch you.

Here is my fanart. Enjoy!!


Sea Wars I, The Crispy Plant


SpongeBob woke to see Dave fight off some Anchovies. Dave used his blaster to destroy those last ones in this city. What they didn't know was that more were heading there. SpongeBob and Dave got onto their VX-71 and took Robo 2.1 with them.

Chapter 1: Journey Begins

Patrick grabbed Harold and shot some Anchovies with his blaster. Robo 2.1 and Dale started loading up the spaceship and then they fired a few more anchovies. Patrick and Harold got on and yelled, "See you later!" and shot an anchovy with his blaster. "Now, where do we go?" asked Harold. "I hear Darth Anchovy is trying to destroy our small rebellion" said Robo 2.1, "Then let's find him" said Dale.

Chapter 2: The Big Ship

Robo 2.1 opened the hatch and anchovies with blasters pointed at all four of them. Patrick and Dale got out their lightsabers, while Harold took out his blaster. Darth Anchovy started a lightsaber fight with Dale and Patrick, while Robo 2.1 and Harold fought off a few anchovies. "We have to fall back!" said Harold, while Robo 2.1 closed the door. "Where are we going?" said Harold as Robo 2.1 put him in the Pilot's seat. "We're going to another planet to get help from a friend of mine" said Robo 2.1

Chapter 3: New Recruits

Robo 2.1 led Harold to this abandoned house. It wasn't so abandoned, there was two fishes there, called Phil and Tom. Phil was the great-grandson of SpongeBob, the creator of Robo 2.1. Tom was Phil's best friend since they were toddlers. They were both armed with blasters, and they had to get out of that place before the raiders found new meat. "Let's go!" said Tom, firing a raider. "Alright, you guys start the ship, I'll be right there" said Robo 2.1. Harold fired the turrets towards some raiders, while Robo 2.1 put on some explosives. Before he set the time, Robo 2.1 grabbed a dried plant. It said some words, but Robo 2.1 couldn't read them. He rushed out of there when all the raiders started spotting him.

Chapter 4: Thanks

Harold, Phil, and Tom went scouting for Patrick and Dale. Robo 2.1 kept the ship on for an emergency escape. When they reached there, Darth Anchovy was ready to defeat Dale, while Patrick stood alone on a corner with several anchovies pointing their lasers at him. Phil and Harold started firing at the anchovies guarding Patrick, and then Patrick took out his lightsaber and attacked Darth Anchovy. Darth Anchovy fell down to the floor, and was ready to come up. "Let's get out of here!" said Tom. "To the ship! I left Robo 2.1 there to keep it warm" said Harold. Tom and Patrick fought off the anchovies for a little, then they ran for the ship. "Start the ship now!" said Harold, while Patrick and Tom started getting in.

Chapter 5: The Secret

"Before we made our escape, I got this" said Harold, showing them all a scroll. "What is it?" asked Tom. "I know what language that is, but i'm not sure how to read it" said Phil. "We know too" said 20 anchovies and Darth Anchovy came out. "Where did you guys come from?" asked Dale. "We just sneaked inside" said Darth Anchovy "Now, hand over the scroll and the plant before we get hurt". "See ya!" said Phil and pressed a button, "It just couldn't work right now right?!" yelled Phil. Patrick started fighting Darth Anchovy and the rest fought the anchovies. "Hang on!" said Robo 2.1 and increased the speed greatly, making everyone fall. "Grab onto something!" yelled Robo 2.1 and the doors were opened, making all the anchovies fall out and Darth Anchovy to steal a nearby passing ship. "I've got you now" said Darth Anchovy. He started firing at the ship.

Chapter 6: CRASH

"The left wing is down!" said Robo 2.1 panicked. "Dale and Tom, you two are in charge of the weapon system!" said Patrick and then they started firing back. "He's got missiles!" said Harold and Darth Anchovy fired a missile. BOOM! A missile hit the engine and got them all crashing. "Jump out!" said Tom and they all followed.

Chapter 7: Frozen

CRASH!!!!!!! Darth Anchovy starts firing at their wrecked ship from the skies and make Dale and Harold inujured. The Plant fell into the ground. Robo 2.1 picked it up and read it. "Darth Anchovy has a weakness, find a mess in a frozen nest." "Well, it's settled, Robo 2.1 and me go to find this 'mess'" said Patrick. Phil watched out for Tom and Harold. Suddendly, a giant fuzzy animal came down and ate the shipwrecked ship. "Now we need a NEW ship, ugh" said Phil.

Chapter 8: No Survival

Darth Anchovy sent millions of troopers to destroy the shipwrecked crew. Phil watched out for Tom and Harold, who were wounded. Patrick and Robo 2.1 saw the anchovies and ran back. "They're here!" yelled Patrick "Who?" asked Harold weakly. Then they heard steady marching. "We better scram" said Phil. "Who will carry Tom and Harold?" asked Patrick. Then, Five horse-like animals came and approached them. Patrick told them to carry them and they would get to eat some lettuce. They nodded.

Chapter 9: Crazy Traitors

The group rode on, and then the horse creatures dropped them right in the middle of a hole. Then there was a mist, and one hundred anchovies surrounded them. They approached them, and then Robo 2.1 started making a hole so they would fall into the crazy cold ice. "Are you crazy?" yelled Phil, a whisper-like scream. Then Patrick took out his sword and attacked the anchovies. Robo 2.1 was protected by the rest of the group. They all fired at the anchovies while Robo 2.1 was finishing the hole. "This is suicide!" yelled Harold, and then he yelled "I'm hit! AAAAH!" "Phil! Help Patrick! Tom! Come with me!" said Robo 2.1. Tom picked up the hole and tossed it at anchovies. Direct hit! They found two speeders. Robo 2.1 taught Tom how to handle the speeder.

Chapter 10: Tiny Light

Tom rode the speeder and fired the rest of the anchovies. Harold, Patrick, and Phil stuffed themselves into the other speeder. They rode for hours and hours, until they found a ship. It looked ok, Phil turned it on. It worked! "I'll handle the guns!" said Patrick. "Me and Tom will go to that room to heal" said Harold "Can you heal us? It hurts" Tom asked Robo 2.1 "Yes, i'll be right there" said Robo 2.1

Chapter 11: Dale?

"Uh.... Where's Dale?" asked Patrick "Please tell me he didn't get lost back at the Big Ship." "It's called the Resistance Destroyer" said Robo 2.1 "I see a frozen mess!" said Patrick and pointed to the spike on the top of the highest point in the Frozen Planet. It was a jagged knife. They dropped down Patrick to retrieve it, and then they put him back up before he ran out of oxygen. "What now?" asked Phil. "We go save Dale" said Robo 2.1

Chapter 12: Torture

Darth Anchovy strapped Dale into a chair, and then pulled him like a rubber band. "Where's the resistance?" asked Darth Anchovy. Dale groaned and then looked away. "Pull him until he talks" ordered Darth Anchovy to the Anchovies.

Chapter 13: STOWAWAY!

Robo 2.1 opened what seemed to be the infirmary. Suddendly, a javelin flew right at him. He screamed in pain and Tom and Harold took out their blasters. The javelin person was robotic, he carried a lightsaber and then saw saw Robo 2.1. "We are two of a kind" said The robotic person. "Who are you?" said Harold. "I am SpongeTron, I can help you three" Under one hour, they had all been healed. "I am good with the lightsaber, I can go destroy Darth Anchovy. They all smiled, meeting their new recruit.

Chapter 14: Planning

Phil and Harold plotted their strategy all night. They were gonna go to their rebellion hideout, launch a full scale attack on the Resistance Destroyer, take control of it, and then destroy the training place of the anchovies. SpongeTron would get sent in to kill Darth Anchovy. In about an hour, they would be in the resistance's space. 40 minutes passed, they asked for permission to enter. "Permission granted" said the resistance's leader.

Chapter 15: INCOMING!

The last 20 minutes passed, they were gonna start to land, they were still in space. Then, a battle armada commanded by Darth Anchovy came. 20 Battle Cruisers, 500 Battle Ships. The resistance sent no help. They all started to flee. One battleship sent down atomic bombs into the resistance's hideout and started destroying their base. The resistance had mostly escaped, only 20% of it was still in the hideout. They were going to another planet. Their own ship was getting targeted. CLINK! A missile was heading their way. "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!" said Harold and they turned to make their escape, but it was too late. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The engines, wings, and 90% of the guns were down. They were crashing into space.

To Be Continued....... Next Tale: Sea Wars II, The Evil Tyrant

Sea Wars II, The Evil Tyrant

SpongeTron, Harold, Robo 2.1, Tom and Patrick got mostly knocked out. The battle was happening outside. The enemy's ships were trying to demolish anyone who was in the resistance who escaped. 80% escaped and 3% was destroyed trying to escape. 17% was destroyed when the planet was destroyed. Unfortunatley, for Patrick and the rest, they were taken hostage.

Chapter 1: Hostage

Dale was apparentley on that same ship. Suddendly, they remembered they had spare weapons for everyone. SpongeTron lunged at an anchovy guarding him. Making everyone start firing at him and forget about the rest. Dale and Patrick attacked the anchovies with their swords and took their guns for more spare weapons.

Chapter 2: Runaways

Patrick and Harold scouted around and saw a room full of anchovies. SpongeTron and Tom decided that would lunge at them the best way that would get most of them. Then Tom, Harold, and Dale would cover SpongeTron. Tom and Harold fired at the anchovies. Dale attacked them with his sword and SpongeTron electrecuted them. While the battle was going on, Robo 2.1. was trying to find a way to escape.

Chapter 3: The Big Duel Pt. 1

Darth Anchovy burst into the room with four anchovies protecting him. "Oh no...." whispered Dale to himself. "Tom, Harold and SpongeTron, you get the anchovies. Me and Patrick will go attack Darth Anchovy". whispered Dale to the rest. "Take care of the robot trying to escape. I'll take care of this tiny resistance" ordered Darth Anchovy to his anchovies.

Chapter 4: The Big Duel Pt. 2

Tom and Harold fired the first two anchovies. SpongeTron tackled the other two. Dale and Patrick started attacking Darth Anchovy. Suddendly, they heard a big rumble. The next thing they knew, some of the resistance was here. They fired at Darth Anchovy and then Dale and Patrick struck from the front. And Darth Anchovy was defeated. "Come on, we'll take you to the new hideout for the resistance" said one of them. "Come on Robo 2.1.!" said Harold to Robo 2.1., who was still trying to open the door. "I'm right behind you guys!" said Robo 2.1., catching up.

Sea Wars III, The City War

Sea Wars IV, The New Enemy

Sea Wars V, City of Towers

Sea Wars VI, The Hope Renmants

Patrick Bon

Patrick woke up and went to find his mail, one saying TOP SECRET and then he opened it. "Why does it say 'This message will self destruct in 10 minutes?" asked Patrick to himself.

Chapter 1: The Star Spy

"Hey look! it says I am a spy! I better tell SpongeBob!". He ran off and showed it to SpongeBob, but the SpongeBob's legs turned into a jetpack and he said "Big Cheese to Electro, we have confirmation of a new spy" He said mysteriously. "Oh well, let's tell Sandy" said Patrick and headed to Sandy's.

Chapter 2: S.A.S.S.

When he got there, the message self-destructed, but he didn't really know what it said so it was up to himself to find out. He entered a strange room that he was redirected to. They scanned his eyes, hand, and got him some cool spy suit. "Welcome to S.A.S.S", said a robotic voice. Two tough looking guys turned around and then a black leather chair turned around, revealing the Mailman. "You didn't read the message did you?" asked the Mailman. "No," replied Patrick. "This is the right Patrick then" said one of the guys. "Follow me" said Sandy. "Where'd you come from?" asked Patrick. "Top Secret". she replied coldly. "Welcome to S.A.S.S. Secret Agency of Secret Spies." said Sandy, once again coldly.

Chapter 3: Questioning

When he came to the end of a hall, they got into an elevator, once he walked into the room, he was knocked out. About eight hours later he woke up. "Where am I?" he asked. "Top secret" said one of the five guys in the room, Patrick could only see their eyes. "When exacltly did you get the message?" asked the first. "This morning" said Patrick "How come I'm tied to a rope?, am I going to become a flying ninja?" "Quiet, did you tell anyone about this?" asked the second guy. "Only my best friend SpongeBob, but he turned into a robot and flew out" The five guys gasped, and then the third guy asked "What did he say?". "Big Cheese to Electro, we have confirmation of the new spy" said Patrick, and then he asked "Is there are snacks here?" "We will train him hard" said the fourth guy, and the fifth guy gave Patrick his cool sunglasses with a tiny spy phone, a grappling hook, a small sword, rope, a little camera, and a gun that shot out ice, called the I.C.E.

Chapter 4: TRAINING

They trained for hours, training him hard, and showing him "Goverment" secrets. Of course, Patrick forgot most of it.

Chapter 5: M15510N 1

Area R.O.B.O.T.

Chapter 1: Area R.O.B.O.T. Patrick walked through Area R.O.B.O.T. with Dale at his side. The sight of robots pointing laser to fire their bullets was scary. The Area was mainly scrap metal and the bodies of fallen robots. The day was cloudy, but you could still see the sun. Patrick walked into a hall made of scrap metal, where the lead robot was sitting with two dozen guards. "STATE YOU BUSINESS IN AREA Robotic Opals Bring Other Things." said the lead robot. Patrick took a bow, as did Dale, but more hesitantley.

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