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[edit] Transcript

[edit] Destroying A Bank

SpongeBob:Mr.Krab,Time to destroying Plankton bank,Money Deposit Bank

Mr.Krab  :Good Idea,Now you plant bomb in under constructed Bottom Tunnel


(SpongeBob Going to tunnel and meet a worker)

Worker  :No anybody inside the tunnel!,Except worker.

SpongeBob:I am only viewwing!!!!

(SpongeBob kill a worker and inside to tunnel)

SpongeBob:Yes,plant bomb now!

(SpongeBob planting a bomb)

Mr.Krab(Via Radio):Good job,Now escape before the bomb explosing the tunnel and bank!!!!

Worker 2#:A unallowed person,catch now!!!

(SpongeBob escaping from the tunnel)

(Bomb expose and destroying tunnel,bank and other building near the tunnel)

SpongeBob (Call police):Police,a building was destroyed by Plankton, please arrest him now,he in Chum Bucket


Policeman:DONT MOVE Plankton,you busted now!!!

Plankton:Where you doing police???,You crazy!!!!!!!

Policeman#2:Dont say,Now going to police car!!!!

(Policeman arrest Plankton and going to Bikini Bottom Jail)

[edit] Plankton Disapperence

Mr.Krab:Lets go to Chum Bucket


(Mr,Krab going to Chum Bucket)

A sign board:The building is close due the assets malifunction, This building under Control by Bikini Bottom Building Commision.

Mr.Krab:Yuhoooo,Now Plankon in the court for tunnel explosion cause.

[edit] Court Of Plankton

Jury of Court:All,Person when Going Plankton To court,Please give a vote!!!

Person #1:Plankton is expose tunnel to killing many people in Businees district near the tunnel,it must areested!!!!!

Person #2:Yes,Plankton use the bomb to demolished many building in Businees District to build new Chum Bucket,Are you think yes?

All people:Yes!!!!!

Jury of Court:Yes,Plankton you hav many review???

Plankton:Yes,I NOT expose the building,i am only build the tunnel!!!!

Jury of Court:Plankton areest in jail 10 years,Its legal!

All people:Hooray!!!!!!!!

[edit] Aquisision Of Krusty Krab

News announcer:A hot news,Krusty Krab was aquiring by Collectiv.LLC (Run by SpongeBob and Patrick) with $20.000.000 (Not include tax)

(Collectiv.LLC going to prees confrence in Krusty Krab)

SpongeBob(President of Collectiv.LLC):Yeah,With this acquisision,Krusty Krab is joinned Collectiv Restaurant Network with Diner and Fancy!

Patrick(Vice Prisident of Collectiv.LLC):Yes,Is true,Diner acquired in 2003 with $300.000 and Fancy! in 2005 with $1.000.000

News announcer:Mr.Krab its sale due the down of profit.In 2007 Krusty Krab nealy sale to Squidward Family but Mr.Krab reject the offer due the bids is too low

[edit] Goo Lagoon Confict

[edit] Parts one

News announcer:Rega Ferrestokovfliv,A former Mayor of Goo lagoon is build a new Drug lords:Marijuana Kings,Gouverment of Goo Lagoon bids $100.000.000 for when killing Ferrestokovfliv.

SpongeBob:Patrick,Do you hear there,Him must killed for the money!!!!

Patrick:Yessss,Go to Goo Lagoon now!

(SpongeBob and Patrick go to bus stop and going to Goo Lagoon)

SpongeBob:The Marijuana Kings is in 34 Alley roads,Go now

(SpongeBob and Patrick Going to Marijuana Kings Building and Kill a security)

Patrick:He On Flour 6,Ahhh a 2 AK47,Pick him

(SpongeBob and Patrick pick a AK47 And Going to Flour 1)

A Guard:They are unallowed person,Dont Let him!!!

(A Guards turn on the alarm)

Sounds:A all guards please attencion,a 2 Unallowed person when in Flour 1,Condition 4,Please Attencion!!

SpongeBob:Kill a guards

(Patrick Kill a guards and SpongeBob going to Flour 2)

A Guards:They are Man,Kill them!!!

(SpongeBob and Patrick kill guards and going to Generator Room and Shoot a Power Fuse,causing the lamps is off)

(SpongeBob and Patrick use a Night Vision googles and going to Flour 3)

Sounds:MORE ATTENSION!!!,Condision 2,All Guards must Attention,The generator is Broken!!!

Guards:He is A Terrorist,Dont let him!!!

(SpongeBob and Patrick kill Guards and going to Flour 3)

(SpongeBob and Patrick kill more Guards and going to flour 4)

Guards:Dont let they kill Boss,Kill him!

(SpongeBob and Patrick Kill guards and go to flour 5)

Sounds:Now is most dangerous condition,Condition 1!,All guards must ready to use gun!,If founds a 2 unallowed people,Kill him!!!

Guards:Kill they before they Kill Boss!!

(SpongeBob and Patrick kill guards and going to Boss Room)

Rega Ferrestokovfliv:Whats you,You wanted me for Money ?,If yes,Catch me Crazy!!!!

(SpongeBob and Patrick kill Ferrestokovfliv but they atract many cops)


[edit] Parts 2/Final

SpongeBob:Shoot,They spotted me

Patrick:Dont Worry,Escape it

(SpongeBob smash a truck and crash 5 police car)

SpongeBob:Shoot, 2 police car chasing me!!

(SpongeBob pushing his car but 2 police car crash a truck)

SpongeBob:Now escape

[edit] Riot

News announcer:After dead of Ferrestokovfliv,The City was very dangerous by a Narcotic,Shooting,Demostration and robbering, In most road of Bikini Bottom and Goo Lagoon is very attract a dangerous


SpongeBob:Shoot, Krusty Krab is very alone with the causes

Rackie James(President of Krusty Krab):SpongeBob,The profit were down 40% by this causes

Patrick:Yeah,Is most very bad down since 1997!,Dont let him!!!

(SpongeBob and Patrick going to home,for 1 month Krusty Krab close)

[edit] Squidward Problem

(A Phone dialling)


Mama Tentacles:SpongeBob,Help me Squidward is messy and scary many people in my hotel,Please help!!!!

SpongeBob (Call prison hospital):Hello,Prison hospital?

Secretary:What you problem?

SpongeBob:Squidward tentacles is messy,Going to Sehayu road 4545 now!!!

Secratary:Please all Driver going to sehayu road 4545 now!

Driver and doctor:OK!!!

(A Ambulance arrive in hotel)

Doctor:Going to car now,Squidward!!!

Mama Tentacles:Thank you!!!

[edit] Blown The Cover!

Squidward:Please help me,Sandy?

Sandy:What you problem???

Squidward:Scquilliam,my rival,launch a Book,How to Died,Please Blown the book before released to public!

(Sandy Robbed a book and read them)

(Sandy write about the book in

Squilliam:What Blown my book but the book released in mid 2010?

[edit] SpongeBob Buy a Clothes From

SpongeBob:Go to and text

SpongeBob:Wow very good Clotches,the price is $100,Buy now!

SpongeBob:Buy with Money ok!

(A Deliver arrive in SpongeBob house)

Deliver:Is SpongeBob SquarePants?

Spongebob:Yes,is money,Thank you!

Deliver:Thank you!

[edit] SpongeBob Play Internet

Sandy:What your doing?

SpongeBob:Go to,Its many about me!


SpongeBob:Please go About you,Sandy.

Sandy:Yes,Is Found

SpongeBob:Great,You are master of internet!

[edit] AK47 Festival at Bikini Bottom

[edit] Parts 1

(SpongeBob,Patrick,and Sandy watching tv on Patrick house.)

News Announcer:Now at Bikini Bottom Exibition Center,Is held AK47 Festival At Bikini Bottom

Reporter:In inside,They held many about AK47 story and make,Its Held by Izhmash and REdo Promotion In 3-8 July 2009,Please Come in!

Reporter:Now!,Oh shoot the lamp whas down!!!,Many computer turned off and now...shoot! Plankton escape from Jail to Takeover many stand! BIG WARS!BIG WARS!

SpongeBob:Shit Plankton,Escape again!,Dont Let him,Now i call police!!

SpongeBob:Hello!,Police please come to Bikini Bottom Exibition Center,Please come FBI,Dont Lazy

(2 Police car go to Bikini Bottom Exibition Center)

Police:What Plankton???

Plankton:Shoot!,Many police come in!


[edit] Parts 2/Final

Police:Ready to take cat Plisher

(Plankton Crash and go to Cat Plisher)

Police:Now go to jail,Plankton!

[edit] Scene

[edit] Jail!

Plankton tried to escape from jail but fail again

[edit] Robot Invention

Patrick and SpongeBob testing a smart robot P-S 1,The test was successful and both recieved a award from Bikini Bottom Robot awards 2009

[edit] We Are Missing Jellyfish

70% of Jellyfish field was converted to a new soccer field,Many people except Squidward,protest this converttion

[edit] Debate!

Patrick and Sandy debate was the better,Health or efficiency

[edit] Fall or Fail

Sqiudward tried to reach a 200.000 point on Bikini Bottom Skateboard cup,SpongeBob was in 199.976,Squidward was on 199.856,But his fall from 60 feet and disqualified from this cup

[edit] Burn Baby Burn

The truck come in with a bomb,Unfortunately the bomb expose and destroyed a test plane to be tested tommorow.

[edit] Discover a unwanted place with RC plane

Patrick bought a new RC Plane,and testing it in his house,Accidentlly the plane was discover a unknown place outside Bikini Bottom.The place now knowned as Coral Town but not people living there

[edit] Plaque

In 4 December 2009,A 3 plaque was build in Krusty Krab,The model was SpongeBob ,Mr.Krabs,and Patrick.

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