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Hello everybody! this is my page, please enjoy and DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING!!

Vandals, the bikini bottom police maybe busy transporting criminals, but they still can catch you
  • Name(real) : Bilal Maulana Ibnu Subakti
  • Nickname :Spongebil21de, bilal, abi, bill
  • Favorite color : Green
  • Hair color : Black
  • Favorite Tv shows : Spongebob Squarepants(of course), gundam seed destiny, the simpsons, phineas&ferb,shaun the sheep


[edit] Contributions

i am sorry if i make any mistake in editing articles, i do not meant to vandal, because i type using 2 finger and i a non-native speaker

[edit] Fanfart

[edit] Season 1

**Two point one squidward use Sandy's time machine to back to the time when spongebob first time work in Krusty Krab
  ,so he can stopSpongebob from working in Krusty Krab.
  • Atomic Star
**After accidentally expose to high radiation, Patrick's fart become nuclear fart!.
  • Flat's Revenge
**Flats return to mrs Puff boating school to destroy spongeBob once and for all!
  • Krusty Chum
**A huge number of rich tourist from a city named chumville comes to bikini bottom, later mr krabs change all of his menu to 
  chum-themed because the tourist love chum.

[edit] Personal massage

Thank you turkeyrules for inspire me to create this page!

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