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I started to only watch the last parts of SpongeBob, but I really started to like it when season 3 was being made. Ever scince, I've watched it almost every day. I've started working on the SpongeBob wikia scince the summer of 2008.

My favorite episodes:

Season 1: Employee of the Month

Season 2: Shanghaied

Season 3: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

Season 4: The Gift of Gum

Season 5: Banned in Bikini Bottom

Season 6: House Fancy

"Goodnight Bikini Bottom! I LOVE YOU!" - Squidward Tentacles

I have created very few articles, and I have edited very few articles. (Most likely because whatever I want to edit has already been done)

I also have a username on SpongeBob SquarePants Wikia. It is also Sponge 321. I have created the pages for The Kuddly Krab and All You Need Is Freindship pages. Also, I enjoy the Power Rangers Universe Wikia, but I also have not edited anything there but I still will try to edit it.

Pages I've created:

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