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<div align="center"><big>'''News'''</big></div>
<div align="center"><big>'''News'''</big></div>
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Welcome to SpongePedia!
Currently 2,998 articles and 2,939 images

SpongePedia is a Wiki aiming to provide abundant information on the Nickelodeon animated series "SpongeBob SquarePants". Everyone is gladly invited to participate in this project.

Please use then new section of SpongePedia: SpongeNews! SpongeNews is a community SpongeBob SquarePants Magazine,. It contains news about anything to do with the SpongeBob real world or site, or under the little town of Bikini Bottom!

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Featured Article

DoodleBob is a drawing that comes to life in the episode Frankendoodle.

Read the full article here.

Wanted Articles

The following articles have not enough information.
Please add plot and other information to this articles by clicking on the respective link and start writing. countless of readers will be thankful for your efforts!

Important Tasks

Anything important that SpongePedia needs our contributors or newcomers to do will be here:

  • Make Short Pages MUCH bigger,
  • Fix up spelling errors in Transcripts, Episode and Character articles.
  • And create and perfect all Transcripts.
  • Get more accurate information.
  • Clean up Trivia/Goofs on episode pages.
  • Revert Vandalism (Vandalism of ANY type is not tolerated and you will receive an infinite block immediately)

In the Fanart area, everyone is allowed to present his or her artwork (drawings, paintings, comics) or fictional stories centering around the characters of the SpongeBob universe.

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