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New Adventure Series


[edit] Season 1

Sponge Kart

All main characters race to see who would become champ.(This episode takes place after The Welcome.)

Jason the Batman

Jason becomes the new Batman!(This episode takes place after Shuffleboarding.)

Cous' I'm With You!(Short)

Andy's homeschool Dog cousin,Ezekiel,comes to stay in Bikini Bottom.(This episode takes place after No Hat For Pat.)

Magical Granting Mermaid(Special)

A Mermaid that grants wishes comes to Bikini Bottom, but if they wish too much, she'll die,so it's up to SpongeBob!(This episode takes place after SpongeBob SquarePants vs The Big One.)

Works at Pizza Castle

Patrick gets a job at Pizza Castle.

Working Together

Mr.Krabs and Plankton works together to make the Krabby Patty better.

Little Tokyo Bikini Bottom

The Mayor of Bikini Bottom opens a Tokyo version of the city.

Ninja Ezekiel

Ezekiel wants to learn how to become a ninja.

Mexican Dance(Short)

Hunter speaks Spanish!

Season 1 Trivia

  • The Short,"Cous' I'm With You!", was originnally called "Homeschool Ezekiel" but changed.
  • Season 1 takes place after the movie, The Welcome.
  • The episode,Sponge Kart,it's title card is same as Krusty Krushers.
  • The episode,Jason the Batman,it's title card is same as Sailor Mouth.
  • The short, Cous'I'm With You, it's title card is as same as A Flea in Her Dome.
  • The special,Magical Granting Mermaid,it's title card is same as Help Wanted.

[edit] Season 2

Eye Punish YOU!

Jason kills a Jellyfish and becomes a zoo guard.

Undersea Kirby Worker

After eating the 50,0000000000 Krabby Patty in history,Hunter becomes the Krusty Krab busboy.

SpongeMan and PatBoy

After winning a contest, SpongeBob and Patrick becomes super-heroes!

Neptune's Relax

Due to Neptune's Paradise was a sucsess, King Neptune makes a hotel.

Squiddy Squiddy, GOOSE!

SpongeBob and Patrick plays Duck,Duck,Goose with Squidward who dosen't wanna play.

Squilliam's Back!

Squilliam returns to see the spirit of Frank's football team.

Sponge Wood

Mini SpongeBob annoys Squidward.

Text Gone Bad!

Pearl does bad things on her new iText.

Ezekiel's a Country Boy

Ezekiel sings about him being a Country Boy.

The Pizza Krab

Mr.Krabs adds Kelp Pizza to the menu.

SpongeMan and PatBoy 2

SpongeMan and PatBoy becomes popular super-heroes!

Spongey Vision

SpongeBob gets his own TV Show!

The Sponge Trilogy(TV Movie)

SpongeBob and the gang is on the adventure of they're lives!

Season 2 Trivia

  • SOON!

[edit] Season 3

Choir Jason

Jason joins the Bikini Bottom Men Choir.

Sand Castles in the Sky

SpongeBob remakes Castles in the Sky with Sand Castles!

Nat at Bat

Nat plays Baseball!

Sponge-Man and Pat-Boy 3:Drunk Android

A Android that's drunk attacks the city.

Doodle Doom(TV Movie)

DoodleBob returns with DoodlePatrick,DoodleGary,DoodleSquidward,DoodleSandy,DoodleKrabs,and DoodlePlankton.

Kappa SpongeBob

SpongeBob and co. meets the LilyMu gang.

Plankton's Great!

Karen pays Patrick to eat Chum Patties.

Pearly Detention

Pearl gets detention.

Squidward vs. Udon

Squidward has a rock concert against Udon.

I'm With The Rock Band!(Special)

SpongeBob and Patrick plays Rock Band.

SpongeBob Party

SpongeBob and co. plays Mario Party 8 for Wii.

My GirlyTeenGirl!

Girly TeenGirl becomes a friend of Pearl.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 2(Movie and TV Movie)

SpongeBob and Patrick goes on another amazing adventure!

[edit] Season 4

Summer is Here!

Summer is here again,and Mr.Krabs makes The Krusty Pool!

Toys 'R' Kids

Due to SpongeBob and Patrick's reaction to The Toy Barrel,another Toy store called Toys 'R' Kids competes against The Toy Barrel.

Ice to Meet You!

Nat goes to The Krusty Krab and gets fooled by SpongeBob and Squidward.

Gone Chocolate and Nutty

After Plankton eats Chocolate,he goes CRAZY!

Chum Bucket Training Video

Ezekiel gets hired by Plankton.

Love in Eggy Ways

Squidward falls in love with his retirement gift.

Your Work is Dairy Due!

SpongeBob and Patrick messes up Fred's order and now they have to find a way to repay him.

Party Wreckers

SpongeBob and Patrick ruins Squidward's birthday.

Snack Time Punishment

Patrick goes on a diet, so it's up to Andy to get him fat again.

Squidward Quits(For Real!)(Special)

Squidward quits his job and works at the Chum Bucket.

The Future Is........

Hunter sees his future.

Kappa SpongeBob 2

The Second Trilogy of Kappa SpongeBob!

Doodle Doom 2!(TV Movie)

DoodleBob brings other doodles like DoodleHunter,DoodleAndy,DoodleJason and DoodleEzekiel.

I'm With The Rock Band 2!(Special)

SpongeBob and Patrick plays Rock Band 2.

SpongeMan and PatBoy 4:The Movie

They used actors for SpongeMan and PatBoy's Movie,now Drippy Brothers is making a remake!


Pearl's rival,Diamond,returns.

Pizza's Ready

Patrick haves a pizza party.

MTV Sponge

SpongeBob learns about MTV.

Teen SpongeBob

SpongeBob and co. meets Teen Titans.

Never Speak Or Your Dead

SpongeBob and Patrick does a bet and dosen't speak for a week.

Upward My Fool

Plankton becomes a fool and tries to build the world's biggest hotel.

Sponge Guardians

SpongeBob is forced to protect Squidward as a guardian angel!

Trick or Freak!(Special)

SpongeBob and Patrick has to get candy before the day of Halloween.

Prisoner Island

Due to crime thanks to SpongeBob,he & Jason are sent to a jail-like island & they have to get Jellyfish jelly to get off.

The Legend of Sail Jellyfish

SpongeBob and co. goes camping,but they get nightmares thanks to Andy's story "The Legend of Sail Jellyfish".

[edit] Season 5

London School

Due to Jason's British singing,he has to go to London School.

Plumbers On The Go!

SpongeBob and Patrick becomes Plumbers.

Battle With Plankton

SpongeBob sues Plankton.

A Mission From Mr.Krabs

Hunter gets a mission from Mr.Krabs.

Lethal Alliances at Bully Bottom

Alliances go on at Bully Bottom.

Soar to the Disoarted Sky!

Patrick flies with his Inflatable Pants.

SpongeBob's Depration

SpongeBob gets a Krusty Krab award.

Weenies To Die 4

Mr.Krabs adds Krusty Weenies to the menu,but people die when they take a bite.

Birthday Mindy(Special)

Mindy has here sweet sixteenth.

Hunter vs. SpongeMan

SpongeMan and PatBoy gets hypnotized by Plankton,now it's up to Hunter to break the spell.


SpongeBob and Patrick plays Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Too Many SpongeBobs!

Sandy builds a clone machine and makes too many SpongeBobs.

Power Mad!

SpongeBob gets trapped in a video game and has to complete the game to get out.

Patrick Star Decade

Patrick gets jealous of SpongeBob and meets Kamen Rider Decade.

Spaced Out

A alien comes to Bikini Bottom.

This fanart is now on a hiatus.

[edit] Transcripts

[edit] Sponge Kart


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