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Vandels, though SpongeBob is happy. He will find you if you vandelize here!


[edit] Boating School: The BIG Test!

[edit] Prologue

Boating School was SpongeBob's greatest place to learn to drive. Mrs. Puff found it a nightmare with SpongeBob! "Oh, how I hate him! How I hate SpongeBob!" SpongeBob, was absent for the first time. "Where's SpongeBob?" Everyone shook there heads. No one knew, except Patrick and him.

[edit] Part 1: Uh-Oh!!

SpongeBob sneezed and coughed. Was it terrible! You could hear it from the Krusty Krab! SpongeBob whined, "Why do I have to be sick?! Why?" Patrick Star brought him a bowl of chicken soup. "Here ya go," he said, handing it to SpongeBob.

Mrs. Puff was relaxing on her chair. Oh, YES! she thought. Now SpongeBob won't have to bother my class. "He's gonna be expelled! Since of the big test!! Lalalalalalalalalala." Mrs. Puff said. She jumped out of her chair and started dancing. Hee hee!

[edit] Part 2: "Go, SpongeBob, go!"

"What's wrong, pal?" Patrick asked. "I'M GONNA HAVE A BIG TEST TODAY! AND IF cough I'M NOT THERE I'M GONNA GET EXPELLED!?" He got out of bed, dressed up, and slided down the stairs. "Go, SpongeBob, go!" Patrick said.

An hour later, SpongeBob came to Mrs. Puff's Boating School. Mrs. Puff's mouth dropped open. SpongeBob went to his seat. "Where's the test?" he asked.

[edit] Part 3: Start of the Test!

Mrs. Puff was flabbergasted. W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-why is he here? she thought. Mrs. Puff ignored it and gave the test anyway. Everyone screamed. "What the--" "This test, it's a 12-paged essay?!" Mrs. Puff explained, "You must write things on driving. Oh! And it must be 11-12 pages." SpongeBob wrote everything on driving.

Hours later, SpongeBob and two kids finished. "Here achoo." he said, and went back to his seat. Man, in a week, the scores are given.

[edit] Part 4: Pass, Or Fail

A week had passed, and the scores were given. "Ooooh," SpongeBob said.

Mrs. Puff gave him the sheet. Ugh! she thought. SpongeBob opened up the sheet.


  1. 88-100 PASS
  2. 70-88 REALLY GOOD
  4. 49-56 GOOD
  5. 1-49 FAIL!!!!

"OH MY NEPTUNE!?" he screamed. "I GOT A 99!!!!!" SpongeBob ran home, but, forgot his pants.

[edit] A Story Starring You! #1

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[edit] Calls

Since this story was as long as a novella, it has been redirected to User:Guysponge22/Fanart/Story/Calls

[edit] Co-Caption SpongeBob

This story is a sequel to SpongeBob, Soccer Star!

It has been a month since the Krusty Krab Soccer Team beat the Chum Bucket Soccer Team, and now they will face them again, this time in the Bikini Bottom National Soccer Championships.

“Yo, SpongeBob,” Larry called, “you wanna do some soccer practice?” SpongeBob shook his head. “Not now,” he answered, “Maybe tomorrow.” Larry smiled, and then left. Boy, SpongeBob thought, I’m so tired. He got out his keys, and unlocked the door. Then, he heard someone. The door was already open. “Weird,” he remarked to himself. The voice was only Gary. “Hi, Gary!” SpongeBob greeted.

The phone rang. “Hello?” SpongeBob asked. The voice was a bit fuzzy, but SpongeBob could make it out. “PATRICK! Where are you?” “At t-FZZZ! Toy Barrel,” Patrick replied, “doesn’t sup-FZZ!-t Wi-Fi very m-FZZ! though.” SpongeBob forgot about the Toy Barrel, but he had swore not to go in after the last time. “Pat, you’re gonna miss The New Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Show again.” Patrick lifted the bottom of the screen and was instantly transported to SpongeBob’s house. “And now, The New Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Show!” “On tonight’s episode, Dirty Bubble’s Dastardly Deeds, the Dirty Bubble has crashed Nat Peterson’s 29th Birthday Party!”

“Ha-ha, you two will never catch me!” “Oh, we will …”Barnacle Boy handed Mermaid Man a pencil. “…, with the Pencil of Pointyness!” Mermaid Man stabbed Dirty Bubble with the pencil. POP! “BREAKING NEWS! Mr. Eugene H. Krabs, manager of the Krusty Krab and K.K. Soccer Team, has gone missing! Might this have something to do with the Chum Bucket Soccer Team’s loss? More about this at 6.”

LATER... "OH, GARY, IT'S HORRIBLE! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!" SpongeBob had cried, whimpered, and whined for a straight hour, "Who will run the Krusty Krab?"

SpongeBob then also remembered about the big game that was going to happen next Friday.


[edit] SPONGEBOB!!!


[edit] The Stalker: A SpongeBob Horror Story

[edit] Characters

[edit] Cameos

[edit] Story

"You can run SpongeBob, but you can't HIDE!" the figure exclaimed. Got to run, SpongeBob thought. SpongeBob soon saw Mr. Krabs's house. There! he thought. He ran and ran, reaching the door. "Where's the key?" SpongeBob said, panting. "You can run SpongeBob, but you can't HIDE!" the figure repeated, coming closer. No! No! No, it cannot be! he kept on thinking, Come on!! He found the key and unlocked the door. Then he slammed the door and locked it with all the locks. "Yes," he remarked calmly. Soon, there was a crashing sound. "Son of--" he said as he went up. "Pearl? Krabs?" Uh-oh! Mr. Krabs's room was open! He walked inside, and then the door slammed behind him. Oh no, SpongeBob thought. Faster than you could say 'patty', the figure was behind SpongeBob, and grabbed both of his arms...

"Ahhhhhhhh!" SpongeBob screamed. He looked at the clock. He was 12 minutes late for being early to work!


[edit] SpongeSite SqaureChat

Written by Guysponge22

  • SpongeBob=SquareUtopia
  • Sandy=Cheekme45
  • Patrick=Bubble blowingrox!!
  • Squidward=Tent-acle hater
  • Mr. Krabs=Money4me
  • Karen=Downloadpx

[edit] Guests

These guests are actually SpongePedians using this site, with Fanboy!

[edit] The Story

Boyoftheworld and SquareUtopia have signed on.

SquareUtopia: How ya doing?

Boyoftheworld: I'm meeting SpongeBob!!

P0ppingtime has signed on.

P0ppingtime is doodling.

SqaureUtopia: Hello?

P0ppingtime: O, hi! :-)

P0ppingtime: Want 2 doodle?

Boyoftheworld: Sure! ;-)

Boyoftheworld is doodling with P0ppingtime.

Money4me has signed on.

Money4me: I luv money!

Boyoftheworld (posted at same time): :-|

P0ppingtime is playing Dance.

Seastarfankid has signed on.

Seastarfankid: Hi, Fanboy!

Cheekme45 has signed on.

Cheekme45 is playing Animation.

Money4me has signed off.

P0ppingtime has signed off.

Seastarfankid: Where's Alienmaster333? :S

SqaureUtopia is playing Dance.

Cheekme45: Him? He went to the carnival and won't be back until supper.

SqaureUtopia: Y do u say 'supper'?

Boyoftheworld has signed off.

P0ppingtime has signed back on.

Downloadpx has signed on.

Downloadpx: MONEY4ME?! >_<!

SqaureUtopia: He signed off minutes ago.

Downloadpx: Whew! }:-)

Cheekme45: Anyone for Chess? Welll?

Alienmaster333 has signed on.

Alienmaster333: I'll play!

Alienmaster333 and Cheekme45 are playing Chess.

Downloadpx: I think Squidward will be here in twenty minutes, he told me on BikiniBottom Xat.

P0ppingtime: Where any1 can chat! Hahahaha

Alienmaster333 has beaten Cheekme45 in Chess.

Alienmaster333: Huh? Yeah, P0ppingtime, but no-one is aloud to chat here, and also at SpongeBuddies and SpongePedia Xat, I should know, I'm a user their. :-)

P0ppingtime: Yes, yes, I know, and I'm 123pop99 their.

Seastarfankid: And I'm Guysponge22! <:)

SquareUtopia: ...... :-'

Boyoftheworld has signed back on.

Boyoftheworld: Did anyone miss me?

P0ppingtime: Really?

SquareUtopia (posted at same time): C'mon Boyoftheworld..

Bubble blowingrox!! has signed on.

Bubble blowingrox!!: ughfuigeruigrgfjkhjf!26#$484723g782g[[huhr]whg\|56%u84792 dfhhjfb affadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddfd

Alienmaster333: ]:| Wat r u typing Bubble blowingrox!! ?

Bubble blowingrox!!: Noting, juhst randum leterz.

Cheekme45: Wow!

Downloadpx (posted at same time): ??????

Bubble blowingrox!!: Randum letterz

Downloadpx: :]

SquareUtopia: Hey, Boyoftheworld, how's Chum Chum?

Boyoftheworld: Fine, he's at FanChum Talk-2.

Cheekme45: Wat's his username?

Boyoftheworld: Uhhh, Chumissocool

Dowloadpx is playing Animation.

Boyoftheworld: Isn't it stupid?

Money4me has signed back on.

SquareUtopia has signed off to greet Squidward.

Money4me: Dowloadpx?! >_<!

Dowloadpx has signed off.

SquareUtopia has signed back on.

Seastarfankid: My mom's here, bye!

Seastarfankid has signed off.

P0ppingtime: I'm gonna be at BFFClub Talkers.

Alienmaster333: Wha'?!?! You gotta leave?!

P0ppingtime: In a few minutes!! >:|

Alienmaster333: O!

Bubble blowingrox!!: Money4me??

Money4me: Tent-acle hater is comin'....

Bubble blowingrox!!: No, it's Squidward

Money4me: Tent-acle hater!!

Bubble blowingrox!!: Squidward

P0ppingtime: Squidward is Tent-acle hater, Bubble blowingrox!! How many times should I explain it!!

Bubble blowingrox!!: O

SquareUtopia, P0ppingtime, Alienmaster33, Bubble blowingrox!!: Everybody! Squidward's coming, go to BFFClub Talkers!

Everyone has signed off.

Tent-acle hater has signed on.

Tent-acle hater: Wow! SpongeBob's gone!


Tent-acle hater has signed off.

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