Urchin Chips

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Urchin Chips!

Urchin Chips are a type of food sold at Barg'n Mart.


[edit] Looks

The packet is white, and it says URCHIN CHIPS - Now with less dirt! It is unknown what the inside looks like.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] People who eat it

[edit] Employee of the Month Appearance

SpongeBob wants to buy urchin chips but he doesn't have any money. Eugene the cashier tells him he can buy the urchin chips if he washes his car. SpongeBob goes to his Grandma's house ( grandma thinks it's Patrick) puts the urchin chip on the pie and gives it to Larry the lobster. When Larry runs to go workout because he ate the pie SpongeBob get his shovel and pale to dig out buried treasure.

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