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*[[King Neptune]] (cameo)
*[[King Neptune]] (cameo)
*[[Queen Amphitrite]] (cameo)
*[[Queen Amphitrite]] (cameo)
*[[Eugene H. Krabs|Mr. Krabs]]
*[[Eugene H. Krabs]] (cameo)

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This is a short that can be found at It goes with the TV special: The Clash of Triton. It can be viewed here: [1]



(We see Neptune's carriage)

(Transitions into the Krusty Krab)

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob, if you were a god like Neptune here--(Neptune's fins hits Patrick)--what would you do?

SpongeBob: Well, Patrick, I'm glad you asked that question. (becomes big) I would give free Krabby Patties, to the whoole darn town. (patties come out of eyes)

Mr. Krabs: Not FREE!

SpongeBob: And if I saw a frown, "Aha!" I'd turn it upside down! (Squidward's frown into smile)

(smile burns)

Squidward: (muffles)

SpongeBob: And as for toxic waste, I don't care for the taste. (face turns green and peels)

SpongeBob: So listen to my skeem. I'd change it into ice creeeam! (Toxic waste becomes ice cream)

(singing stops)

SpongeBob: And that's what I would do. What would you do Patrick?

Patrick: Ditto.

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