The Lost Mattress (Episode)

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The Lost Mattress
Episode No.: 62a
Airdate: 13.5.2005
Season: Season 4
Previous Episode: Shell of a Man
Next Episode: Krabs vs. Plankton

The Lost Mattress is an episode from Season 4.






Mr. Krabs needs a new mattress after his old one threw out his back. Squidward refuses to buy the mattress for his "cheapskate" boss so SpongeBob and Patrick buy him one it is a comfortable one, then throw out his old one in Bikini Bottom Dump, and make a card which Squidward signs, only to discover that the old mattress had his money in it. Krabs then goes into a "Cash Coma", and ends up in the hospital, where he is ill-treated. Meanwhile Squidward is worried about his signature ("This was all my idea! Love Squidward") since the cop said if Krabs dies, Squidward would be behind bars. Then Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick go find the mattress, only to find that there is a guard worm, which they do not know about. Then they make all these plans failing. Meanwhile the doctor tells the Nurse to put Mr. Krabs somewhere else. Then Squidward develops a plan called "Worm Bait" where SpongeBob and Patrick put on steak costumes to distract the guard worm only to find out Squidward tricked them. Meanwhile the doctor tells the nurse to put his body somewhere else (outside). Then Mr. Krabs' body is on the operating table rolling down the hill while Squidward surrenders. Mr. Krabs smells the mattress, jumps to it, wakes up, and gets his old mattress back.

SpongeBob and Patrick dressed up as choice cuts to trick the worm into thinking it's Halloween.


  • When the administrator is named Administrator Flotsam, the caption did not show the name Flotsam.
  • The song where SpongeBob and Patrick are trying to get the mattresses could also be heard in the episodes Funny Pants, Whale of a Birthday, Hocus Pocus and Fungus Among Us.
  • The worm will return in Best Frenemies.
  • In this episode, Mr. Krabs has a bed. But in all of the episodes before and after this, he only has a hammock for a bed.
  • Running Gags: Mr. Krabs gets pushed to different places, including the sidewalk, Squidward gets attacked by the guard worm.
  • The title card background is improperly tiled, you can see several horizontal lines on the right hand side of the title card where the bamboo chutes do not line up.
  • Administrator Flotsam says that Mr. Krabs is out on the front sidewalk. But there is no sidewalk. He is just on the sand.
  • Squidward's quote "D'OHHHH! You did this Squarepants! If you don't get Mr. Krabs' mattress back I'm going to murder you" was deleted so that the officer would say when Squidward said "Murd" "A-hem" and frown at Squidward.


Episode Transcript: The Lost Mattress

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