The Bubblestand

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The Bubblestand
"Lessons are 25 cents"!

The BubbleStand is a stand that SpongeBob built. People could blow bubbles for only 25 cents.It only appeared in Bubblestand.


Stand Design/Lessons

The bubble stand is made out of green wood with a sign that displays in red font: Bubbles 25¢. There are signs under the Bubblestand that display Lessons 25¢.
SpongeBob also offers lessons for beginners for only 25¢. SpongeBob then does a Technique. Squidward tried to learn without follwing the technique, although he was unsuccessful until he followed it. Patrick also got some lessons and did well.


  • SpongeBob (Teacher/CEO): Makes a duck, two ducklings, elephant/(Falsely shouted as a giraffe), Ice cubes, caterpillar, boat, and a butterfly.
  • Patrick (Student (Later Co-CEO)): Makes nothing because he struggles with blowing until he is out of breath, and knows nothing about the technique.
  • Squidward (Student) : Only flat bubbles that just plummets to the ground and makes raspberry sounds when pops, and finally, a BIG Bubble that swallows his house, and a loud explosion is heard.
  • Founded: Bikini Bottom in Bubblestand.
  • Headquarters: Bikini Bottom on SB's sidewalk next to his house.
  • Defunct: Bubblestand after one day of operating.
  • CEO: SpongeBob
  • Co-owner: Patrick (At first a customer)
  • Customers: Patrick (Later co-owns it with SB) Squidward (Only to mock their successful technique).


The Tecnique is the way SpongeBob says what to do to make a sucessful bubble.

1.Stand On One Foot

2.Spin Around


4.Double Take Three Times (ONE TWO THREE!!!)

5.Pelvic Thrust (whoo whoo!!)

6.Stop On Your Right Foot (Don't Forget It)

7.Bring It Around Town (Spin yourself in circles)

8. Go like this and then this (Backflop twice)

9.Make Different Shapes in rapid time ((Numbers like 00, 3, 8, twirly, cyclops (One eye), 15) AND THIS AND THAT AND THIS AND THAT!!)

10.Blow The Bubble (While standing on one leg)


  • The Bubblestand is only allowed for lessons in Conch Street.
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