Summer Job (Episode)

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Summer Job
Summer Job.jpg

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Episode No.: 136b
Season: 7
Airdate: 23 March 2010
Previous Episode: A Day Without Tears
Next Episode: One Coarse Meal
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny

"Summer Job" is an episode from Season 7.






When the rest of the class leaves for summer vacation, SpongeBob tries to give Mrs. Puff a note. Mrs. Puff drives away in her car, and crashes into the doors of Krusty Krab. To pay off the damages, Mr. Krabs gives Squidward the summer off, and Mrs. Puff is cashier. SpongeBob teaches Mrs. Puff what to do by pretending he is the Duke ordering food. He asks for beans on toast and Mrs. Puff was about to write down the order when SpongeBob whispered to her to tell the Duke they don't serve beans on toast. Mrs. Puff gets annoyed by this, but then a real customer comes. SpongeBob keeps telling her she's doing good. She is about to give him his Krabby Patty, when she trips on a barrel and wrecks the restaurant. She and SpongeBob somehow rolled the barrel onto the ceiling, and they fall down. She runs away, finally fed up, and rips the note into smithereens. Her parole officer finds out an sends her to jail. She is happy that she will not see SpongeBob for four whole years, and is sent to the prison's Driver's Ed class. But then she finds out the teacher is SpongeBob! He tells her that the note said he would teach boating for the summer.


  • After the final scene of the destroyed doors, in the next scene, the Krusty Krab looks all fixed.
  • The title card has exactly the same background as Naughty Nautical Neighbors.
  • This is the second time Mrs. Puff is afraid of SpongeBob. The first time was in Doing Time. Coincidentally, both episodes also involve Mrs. Puff going to jail.
  • In a few scenes you can actually read some of the words on the note. (including the end)
  • This is the second time Mrs. Puff mentions a date with Mr. Krabs. The first time was in Krusty Love.


Transcript for Summer Job

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