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Stickyfins Whiting
Species: Fish
Address: Bikini Bottom Jail
Voiced By:

Stickyfins Whiting is a criminal character who guest stars in "The Getaway". He is voiced by Joe Pantoliano.

[edit] Role

After SpongeBob fails his boating test again, he and Mrs. Puff stop in front of the prison. Mrs. Puff goes to a telephone booth and wants to call a new driving teacher to help SpongeBob. Meanwhile, Stickyfins breaks out of jail and steps into the boat with SpongeBob, whom he mistakes to be his getaway driver. SpongeBob, who in turn mistakes Stickyfins for his new teacher, sets off. Mrs. Puff and Dorsal Dan, Stickyfins' real getaway driver, chase after them. SpongeBob and Stickyfins end up being tracked by three police boats. After the rogue orders SpongeBob to drive like a madman, SpongeBob drives over some rooftops and through a posh restaurant. Stickyfins takes the opportunity and steals from customers out of the boat. Later, Stickyfins robs a jeweler and an electronics store with SpongeBob, who still thinks it is part of a driving test. After the two go to a golf course and a coral field, the police finally catch up with him, along with Mrs. Puff and Dorsal Dan. SpongeBob talks to Mrs. Puff, not realizing that he's falling down a slope that leads back to the prison. Stickyfins voluntarily goes back to jail to escape SpongeBob's behavior and reckless driving.

[edit] Looks

He is a tall and muscular fish with light blue skin, lips, and fins. He has black hair and a short gray beard. He wears a torn prison jumpsuit with a black and white striped pattern on it.

[edit] Trivia

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