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SpongeBlog SquareSite

Parts of these will be at the end of every episode.



MoneyMaker=Mr. Krabs




For "SpongeBob's: Humans Attack" TV Movie

(Evil Kid Plankton has signed on.)

EvilKidPlankton: They're acting without me again?!?!?!?!?

(MoneyMaker has signed on.)

EvilKidPlankton: Oh, no not that idiot again!

MoneyMaker: Plankton! I thought it was you!

(ManBob and PatBoy have signed on.)

ManBob: Plankton you missed it!! We battled the humans and...

EvilKidPlankton: Humans??? I'm coming up with an evil plan so don't bother me!

(EvilKidPlankton has signed off.)

(TexasRanger and ClarinetSquid have signed on.)

TexasRanger: Yee-Haw!! That was some time eh guys?!

MoneyMaker: Yeah!! Especially when I stole that loot!

ManBob: So THAT's where that gold went! I'm fine with it!

TexasRanger: And when I rapped up Aaron, that was hularious!

ClarinetSquid: I had no idea my clarinet playing was that bad! I'm changing my name.

(ClarinetSquid has signed off and SquidGuy has signed on.)

PatBoy: Is that the best you can come up with Squidward?!

SquidGuy: All right, All right!

(SquidGuy has signed off.)

ManBob: Getting Pretty Board

PatBoy: So am I.

(MoneyMaker and Texas Ranger have signed off.)

ManBob: See ya, Patrick!

(ManBob has signed off.)

PatBoy: Where's the sign off botton?!

(PatBoy has signed off because someone else logged on to his account.)

(PatBoy has signed off.)

SpongeBob's: Attack of the Humans! Transcript

French Narrator: One day in Bikini Bottom, everything is normal, quiet, to say the fact that it's Sunday, The Krusty Krab is closed, church is over, everything boring.

SpongeBob: (yawns) Gary, this is a boring day... (Patrick screaming) Patrick!! (Knocks on rock) Patrick are you there?! (Walks toward a lying down, hands on stumich Patrick) Patrick! What happened?

Patrick: (grunts twice) I.. I.. I..

SpongeBob: Yes?

Patrick: I... I

(SpongeBob reapeatly says "Yes?" and Patrick keeps saying "I... I ... I..."

SpongeBob: (yells) What??!??!?!?

Patrick: I... I can't...

SpongeBob: Yes? (sounding scared)

Patrick: I don't know how to brush my teeth! (says fastly)

SpongeBob: (gasps) Patrick!!! I'll help you right away! (Sandy screams) Sandy! (cut to treedome.)


SpongeSite SqaureChat

Written by Guysponge22

  • SpongeBob=SquareUtopia
  • Sandy=Cheekme45
  • Patrick=Bubble blowingrox!!
  • Squidward=Tent-acle hater
  • Mr. Krabs=Money4me
  • Karen=Downloadpx


These guests are actually SpongePedians using this site, with Fanboy!

The Story

Boyoftheworld and SquareUtopia have signed on.

SquareUtopia: How ya doing?

Boyoftheworld: I'm meeting SpongeBob!!

P0ppingtime has signed on.

P0ppingtime is doodling.

SqaureUtopia: Hello?

P0ppingtime: O, hi! :-)

P0ppingtime: Want 2 doodle?

Boyoftheworld: Sure! ;-)

Boyoftheworld is doodling with P0ppingtime.

Money4me has signed on.

Money4me: I luv money!

Boyoftheworld (posted at same time): :-|

P0ppingtime is playing Dance.

Seastarfankid has signed on.

Seastarfankid: Hi, Fanboy!

Cheekme45 has signed on.

Cheekme45 is playing Animation.

Money4me has signed off.

P0ppingtime has signed off.

Seastarfankid: Where's Alienmaster333? :S

SqaureUtopia is playing Dance.

Cheekme45: Him? He went to the carnival and won't be back until supper.

SqaureUtopia: Y do u say 'supper'?

Boyoftheworld has signed off.

P0ppingtime has signed back on.

Downloadpx has signed on.

Downloadpx: MONEY4ME?! >_<!

SqaureUtopia: He signed off minutes ago.

Downloadpx: Whew! }:-)

Cheekme45: Anyone for Chess? Welll?

Alienmaster333 has signed on.

Alienmaster333: I'll play!

Alienmaster333 and Cheekme45 are playing Chess.

Downloadpx: I think Squidward will be here in twenty minutes, he told me on BikiniBottom Xat.

P0ppingtime: Where any1 can chat! Hahahaha

Alienmaster333 has beaten Cheekme45 in Chess.

Alienmaster333: Huh? Yeah, P0ppingtime, but no-one is aloud to chat here, and also at SpongeBuddies and SpongePedia Xat, I should know, I'm a user their. :-)

P0ppingtime: Yes, yes, I know, and I'm 123pop99 their.

Seastarfankid: And I'm Guysponge22! <:)

SquareUtopia: ...... :-'

Boyoftheworld has signed back on.

Boyoftheworld: Did anyone miss me?

P0ppingtime: Really?

SquareUtopia (posted at same time): C'mon Boyoftheworld..

Bubble blowingrox!! has signed on.

Bubble blowingrox!!: ughfuigeruigrgfjkhjf!26#$484723g782g[[huhr]whg\|56%u84792 dfhhjfb affadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddfd

Alienmaster333: ]:| Wat r u typing Bubble blowingrox!! ?

Bubble blowingrox!!: Noting, juhst randum leterz.

Cheekme45: Wow!

Downloadpx (posted at same time): ??????

Bubble blowingrox!!: Randum letterz

Downloadpx: :]

SquareUtopia: Hey, Boyoftheworld, how's Chum Chum?

Boyoftheworld: Fine, he's at FanChum Talk-2.

Cheekme45: Wat's his username?

Boyoftheworld: Uhhh, Chumissocool

Dowloadpx is playing Animation.

Boyoftheworld: Isn't it stupid?

Money4me has signed back on.

SquareUtopia has signed off to greet Squidward.

Money4me: Dowloadpx?! >_<!

Dowloadpx has signed off.

SquareUtopia has signed back on.

Seastarfankid: My mom's here, bye!

Seastarfankid has signed off.

P0ppingtime: I'm gonna be at BFFClub Talkers.

Alienmaster333: Wha'?!?! You gotta leave?!

P0ppingtime: In a few minutes!! >:|

Alienmaster333: O!

Bubble blowingrox!!: Money4me??

Money4me: Tent-acle hater is comin'....

Bubble blowingrox!!: No, it's Squidward

Money4me: Tent-acle hater!!

Bubble blowingrox!!: Squidward

P0ppingtime: Squidward is Tent-acle hater, Bubble blowingrox!! How many times should I explain it!!

Bubble blowingrox!!: O

SquareUtopia, P0ppingtime, Alienmaster33, Bubble blowingrox!!: Everybody! Squidward's coming, go to BFFClub Talkers!

Everyone has signed off.

Tent-acle hater has signed on.

Tent-acle hater: Wow! SpongeBob's gone!


Tent-acle hater has signed off.

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