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Blocking is one way to actually enforce bans on SpongePedia.

Please note that blocking is not always the only way for a situation to be resolved. A user may simply be asked by an administrator to refrain from editing or changing a certain type of article or a certain article for a period of time, between 48 and 96 hours. If the user follows these instructions, then no block will be instituted. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a temporary block. and if still contined it will be an infinite ban.


How to Block

Any Administrator can place a block by accessing Special:Blockip, or by using the [block] link next to a username on an recent changes list. Blocking should be taken with a few chances, not just an ammidiate block.

When to block

The trigger of Blocking will be put in effect if any of the following circumstances are met:

Ignoring Bans

If a user deliberately ignores a ban explained by an admin, the ban will be forcibly enforced using a block. Be sure to inform a user of their ban on their individual talk page. If they continue to offend, then ablock will be triggered.


Vandalism is one of the biggest issues on SpongePedia. Depending on how much pages they affect and the content of it that is effected, thats how long the block will be. The offender will be severely warned and if contined, A BLOCK. Creating false articles that makes no sence, its fake or it has offensive language, pictures exc will most likely be a Permanent block. SpongePedia does not accept any offensive words or images and it is a serious offence. If the offender writes any bad things on a talk page or an image, the same proccess will be told to the user.

We at SpongePedia do not take Vandalism as a joke, but at a serious point. SpongePedia one day will be the most frequently used SpongeBob site and as it becomes more popular, the blocking and tlarence will be much more serious.


If a username is an offensive word, offenses other people, directs something at a user or has innapropriate things on it, then the admins will tell them to either create a new account with a name that is not offensive or... A BLOCK. We at SpongePedia do not want to block, but it will come into place if the wrongdoers... do wrong.


If offensive language is directed to users then it will be an ammidiate block.


If you as a normal user see any problems with a user, then report the problem to an administrator.

Thank you
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