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These are shorts that were broadcast in 2009 to promote SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One. There are 3 in total. They are named "Separation Anxiety," "Surfing Dreams" and "SpongeBoard."



  • SpongeBob (all 3)
  • Patrick ("Separation Anxiety" and "SpongeBoard")
  • Patrick's Skeleton ("Separation Anxiety")
  • Patrick's Skin ("Separation Anxiety")
  • Squidward ("Surfing Dreams")
  • Other surfers


Separation Anxiety

(at Goo Lagoon, we see SpongeBob surfing on a wave until he faces wipeout)

SpongeBob: Whoa! (falls in the water. Patrick is disappointed by this)

Patrick: (applies glue to his surfboard) Apply the sauce! (bubble-wipe to later. Patrick is surfing on a giant wave) I... will not... be seperated... from... this... surf... boooaaarrrddd!! (notices a giant rock) ROCK! SEPERATE! SEPERATE! (tries to struggle to get off the surfboard, but crashes into the rock. His skeleton is flung into the air, then lands on the beach on his forehead, while his skin is washed upon shore. The skin's feet still has parts of the surfboard glued to them)

Patrick's Skeleton: I like your sandals.

Patrick's Skin: Thanks. We're inseparable.

Surfing Dreams

(at Squidward's house, Squidward is humming as he is arriving at his bathroom toilet when SpongeBob, equipped with his shorts and surfboard, pops out of it. Squidwrad screams)

SpongeBob: Hey, Squidward! Wanna go surfing?

Squidward: What? How'd you? When did you?

SpongeBob: Come on, Squidward! Since you already got a surfboard and shorts!

Squidward: (a surfboard and shorts magically appear with him. Notices them) What the?

SpongeBob: And since we're all ready at the beach!

Squidward: (he and SpongeBob magically appear at Goo Lagoon) Wha?

SpongeBob: In the water with a huge wave behind us! (he and Squidward are on their surfboards in the water. A huge wave goes for Squidward)

Squidward: NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (wakes up from the nightmare. Looks around to see it's not a reality. Sighs in relief)

SpongeBob: Hey, Squidward! Wanna go surfing? (Squidward screams, gets off his beach chair, and runs off) Hmmm. I guess surfing isn't his thing.


(everyone is enjoying their day at the Goo Lagoon. SpongeBob and Patrick both see a surfer riding a wave)

SpongeBob: See, Patrick? Now that is surfing!

Patrick: I wanna try! I wanna try!

SpongeBob: Let's do it! (lies on his back on the water) Your surfboard awaits.

Patrick: Oooooohhh. (bubble-wipe to later. Patrick is on SpongeBob. He sees a wave and surfs on it. He laughs)

SpongeBob: This is awesome! (because he's a sponge, he starts absorbing water, and grows bigger)

Patrick: I feel so floaty! Hey, why are we- huh? (SpongeBob is now at gigantic size, with all of the water absorbed)

Surfer: Uh, excuse me. Can we have our ocean back?

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