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**Patrick Star (February 26)
**Patrick Star (February 26)
**Margie Star (June 17)
**Margie Star (June 17)
**Gary the Snail (June 22)
**Gary the Snail (September 21)
**SpongeBob SquarePants (July 14)
**SpongeBob SquarePants (July 14)
**Pearl Krabs (September 3)
**Pearl Krabs (September 3)

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Here are all SpongeBob SquarePants holidays and events happening in Bikini Bottom. Here are only listed holidays with the known date.


List by Months

Short List of Repeating Events

  • Birthdays:
    • Patrick Star (February 26)
    • Margie Star (June 17)
    • Gary the Snail (September 21)
    • SpongeBob SquarePants (July 14)
    • Pearl Krabs (September 3)
  • Deaths:
    • SpongeBuck SquarePants (September 19)
  • Every year:
    • Annoy Squidward Day (February 15)
  • Every month:
  • Rarely Events:
  • Super Duper Rarely Events:


January 23: Ninth Surprise Sandy Day.


February 23, 2001: Third Surprise Sandy Day.

February 23, 2007: Fifteenth Surprise Sandy Day.

February 26: Patrick's birthday (1986, age 27).


March 23, 2001: Fourth Surprise Sandy Day.

March 7, 2004: The Krusty Krab 2 opened. (Sunday)

March 7, 2004: In the evening, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star eat many ice-cream (Gooberberry Sunrise).

March 14, 2004: King Neptune tried to burn Mr. Krabs.

March 23, 2007: Sixtenth Surprise Sandy Day.


April 14, 1899: Death of SpongeBuck SquarePants. (Friday) (1832-1899, age 66)

April 23, 2004: Tenth Surprise Sandy Day.


May 1, 1999: SpongeBob SquarePants' first day of work. (SpongeBob pilot episode.)

May 23, 2003: Seventh Surprise Sandy Day.


June 21, 2002: Mr. Krabs builds Krabby Land.

June 23, 2000: Second Surprise Sandy Day.

June 23, 2006: Fourteenth Surprise Sandy Day.

June 17: Margie Star's birthday (1957, age 55).

June 22: Gary the Snail's birthday (1989, age 23).


July 14: SpongeBob's birthday (1986, age 27).



September 19, 1832: SpongeBuck SquarePants' birthday. (1832-1899, age 66)

September 15, 2008: Drawn to Life released.

September 3: Pearl Krabs' birthday (1992, age 22).


October 9, 2000: SpongeBob celebrates Leif Erikson Day. (Sunday)


November 6,1998: Jim quit


December 25, 2002: SpongeBob Celebrates Christmas for the Very First Time

List by eras

Thousands of years ago (23,000 B.C. - 6,000 B.C.)

5059 bc: spongegar and patar die 5067 bc: squog dies

Late Old Age

Victorian Age (1400s-1800s)

  • Rule of Dumb, (c. 1701) the Stars take power of Bikini Bottom.
  • Pest of the West, (c. 1895) SpongeBuck defeats Dead Eye and becomes sheriff. Great-Great Grand Pappy Krabs invented the spendthrift billfold system. Patrick Revere warns the people about the mollusks.
  • Grandpappy the Pirate, (c. 1897) Redbeard Krabs makes a pirate crew.
  • (c. 1804) The Stars lose power, and the second Neptune dynasty take the throne.

20th Century



  • Friend or Foe?, on November 30, 1942, Eugene Krabs and Sheldon Plankton were born. They both make the Plabs Burger which causes Old Man Jenkins Sr. to die in c. 1950. In the same year, Stinky Burgers was closed for good and Mr. Krabs rediscovered the Krabby Patty secret formula.
  • Krusty Krab Training Video, sometime in the 60s, Mr. Krabs bought a bankrupt retirement home called the Rusty Krab.
  • Hooky, in 1959, the Chum Famine swept across Bikini Bottom.
  • Back to the Past, Bikini Bottom had 38 sentient beings (Utopian timeline) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy dunk tartar sauce on Man Ray. (Dystopian timeline) MM and BB fail to dunk tartar sauce on Man Ray, because Patrick ate it, and he (Man Ray) conquers Bikini Bottom turning it into a 1984 - like dystopia.
  • Mr. Krabs father Victor Krabs *doesn't* dies in 1961 (unknown cause of his death) (update: he isn't dead, just a mess up in the timeline due to non-canon info).
  • 9 October 1954 Squidward Tenticals is born.


  • Plankton's Army, in 1979, Plankton had his first attempt to steal the Krabby Patty formula.
  • The Original Fry Cook. In 1972, Jim and Squidward joined the Krusty Krew. And Jim quit at least 2 years later.
  • Squilliam Returns, in 1971, In high school, Squidward forms a rivalry between his rival bandmate in high school named Squilliam Fancyson.
  • The Fry Cook Games, in 1980, the fry cooks games as started, and Mr. Krabs and Plankton won gold.
  • Seen on SpongeBob's license in Sleepy Time, on July 14, 1986, SpongeBob was born.
  • Truth or Square, around 1985, Artias worked at the Krusty Krab until 1992.
  • Around mid 1987 to 1988, Goo Lagoon opens up.


  • The Original Fry Cook, in late 1998 or January 1999, Jim quit due to not getting a raise by his owner Mr. Krabs and pleas Squidward to quit as well, but he refuses.
  • Chimps Ahoy, in 1998, Sandy moved to Bikini Bottom.
  • Help Wanted, in 1999, SpongeBob joined the Krusty Crew.

209th decade

SpongeBob tells the story from The Great Patty Caper to his Grandson.


  • SB-129, in 4017, Squidward arrives into the future.


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