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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie is a 2004 video game released for PC, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mobile phone and Mac OS X. The game is based on the film The SpongeBob Squarepants movie.



The Plot doesn't differ anything much from the movie, however there are a few differences. First, instead of getting 'The Magical Bag Of Winds' the narrator tells you the bag that Mindy gave you was instead a magical shell that acts much like a TV so Spongebob & Patrick can keep in touch with Mindy. Second, Mindy DOES have magic but she needs 'Goofy Goober Tokens' found throughout the game to activate them. Third, David Hasselhoff does make an appearance, and there is one level where you play on his back, however instead of sending you directly down into the Krusty Krab 2, Hasselhoff simply let them down to navigate Planktopolis alone. While these plot differences take away from the original story, it's probably just to keep the player entertained after the game ends. Much like the formula Battle for Bikini Bottom brought with it.


The SpongeBob Art Pack. The player can put SpongeBob in the costumes of the second, third, seventh, and eighth.
The Patrick Art Pack. Patrick has the costumes of the second and fifth.


1. No Cheese! (Level 1. This level is mainly about Spongebob's dream of being the manager for the Krusty Krab 2. Your average tutorial, right? Basics is the main objective ,you know, running, attacking, jumping, etc. Just listen to Mindy and you'll do fine. Good luck!)

2.I'm Ready, Depression... (Level 2)

3.Sandwich Driving 101 (Driving 1)

4.Three... Thousand Miles to Shell City (Level 3)

5.Rub a Dub Dub, Slip Slide in the Tub (Slide 1)

6.Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt (Level 4)

7.No Weenie Parking Any Time (Driving 2)

8.I'll Let You Pet Mr. Whiskers (Boss-Frog Fish)

9.Rock Slide (Slide 2)

10.Now That We're Men (Level 5)

11.Shell City, Dead Ahead (Level 6)

12.Name's Dennis (Boss-Dennis)

13.Sundae Driving (Driving 3)

14.Googly-Eyes and Smelly Knick-Knacks (Slide 3)

15.Dennis's Strikes Back (Boss-Dennis #2)

16.Welcome To Planktopolis....Minions (Level 6)

17.Drive of the Knucklehead McSpazatron (Driving 4)

18.Turn the Tables on Plankton (Final Boss-King Neptune)


1.Love thy Neighbor

2.Evil Under the Sea

3.Hitting the Road

4.Free Mindy


6.A Pain in the Back

7.Shell City

8.Planktopolis (Final Level)


  • Jellyfish - In "Battle for Bikini Bottom" Jellyfish were mostly props unless you decided to bother them, in which case they would hurt you. Blue Jellyfish would also move faster and sting no matter what. In this video game, there are only Pink Jellyfish and they sting no matter what. Later on in the game, Spongebob & Patrick encounter Jellyfish with Bucket Helmets on them.
  • Foggers - Foggers are heavy, overweight monsters that attack Spongebob & Patrick by Belching, their burps can be seen as they are represented by green gas. While they move incredibly slowly, and are easy to defeat, they can sometimes bounce. Most take one hit to defeat, but as the game progresses, one can take at least 3 hits to kill. They usually laugh a lot, when you get hurt or try to hurt them but hardly get affective. This could possibly be a minor glitch).
  • Slammers - Slammers are monsters that carry hammers around. If their hammer strike doesn't get you, the slam it makes will. They move at an average speed, and can be most vulnerable after a missed hit. They commonly wave and do tricks with their hammers and yell "Hey, hey, hey, hey!"
  • Spinners - Spinners are owners of worms, and while they walk around at peace, if SpongeBob or Patrick annoy them, they will swing their worms around until they hit you, which they will remain idle for a few seconds and give you a chance to hit them. They sometimes laugh quietly to themselves.
  • Flingers - Flingers are monsters who fly in the air, and must be killed by Spongebob's bash move or Patrick's throw move. They vomit yellow (or green) goo. It does harm Spongebob & Patrick and also makes them slip & slide until the puke wears off.
  • Turrets - Turrets hide in turned over trash cans with guns. They fire a few then go back into the can, the most common strategy is to jump over the shots as they move incredibly slow. The turret monsters is one of the few monsters who don't say anything. Unlike other enemies, their appearance NEVER change, regardless of the stages.
  • Poppers - Poppers speak a strange unknown language that can't be explained. The monsters travel with a spray gun which fires projectiles. They can be avoided easily, but trying to get rid of the monster is not. Teleportation monsters will teleport if gotten too close too. Reminiscent of the Shh... Tiki crates from "Battle for Bikini Bottom" the best strategy is to hit him with a long-range attack.
  • Merv - Similar to Flingers, only they have lock-on abilities and shoot a laser in Shell City, Dead Ahead. In Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions, however, they also shoot slow-moving projectiles, most likley fireworks.
  • Rollers - Rollers are similar to Patrick's cartweel move. Destroy with 10 hits when they get dizzy.
  • Bowlers - Bowlers bowl balls that can kill you.
  • Spawners - The Spawners are monsters that stay in one place, and have a cannon on top. They have an unlimited supply of enemies, and can be destroyed with just one hit. Despite this, once hit, Players are advised to get away as quick as possible, because soon after the Spawner explodes, causing an explosion which will harm Spongebob or Patrick.Though, Spawners look more like machines, and should probably be considered as machines. Like some enemies, their appearance changes throughout the game. But at Combat Arena Challenge, There are Giant Spawners that can be only destroyed by completing all the waves (Despite the size, you only get 1 macho point for it.)


  • Frog Fish
  • Thug #1 (GBA only)
  • Thug #2 (GBA only)
  • Dennis (You have to fight him twice)
  • Cyclops (GBA only)
  • King Neptune



Karate Spin : Basic spin attack with gloves. When upgraded becomes a metal gloves that will deflect projectiles.

Bash : SpongeBob will use boxing gloves to attack enemies from above. Later when upgraded will become a spiked glove that will stick and explode.

SpongeBowl : Rolls a bowling ball that pushes buttons & destroys crates and enemies. Later it will become a spiked and explode in within range if upgraded.

Sonic Wave Guitar : SpongeBob uses a electric guitar and a portable amp and will shoot a wave that will destroy things and enemies. When upgraded will become the goofy goober guitar & shoot longer and more damage.


Starfish Spin : His basic attack. He will spin around. When upgraded it will deflect projectiles.

Cartwheel : Patrick will do a cartwheel that will destroy many enemies and crates. When upgraded will look like a comet and destroy things nearby.

(Bad Word #11 from Sailor Mouth) Smash: Will destroy things from above. This is the best way to destroy spinners. When upgraded he will slam from his head that will stun enemies nearby.

Throw : Patrick will pick up items and throw them at crates or enemies. When upgraded he will spin around and will shoot further targets & more power.


  • SpongeBall Challenge - SpongeBall Challenges turn Spongebob into a ball, and force him to navigate terrain. The Sponge-ball idea was based off the SpongeBall power-up in "Battle for Bikini Bottom" which had to be used to solve certain tasks.
  • Floating Block Challenge - Floating Block Challenges put a random assortment of blocks in the air, and makes Patrick navigate through them. While the concept sounds easy, some blocks turn to confuse players, while others flip to throw off players. Blocks with hurtful spikes, moving blocks, trampoline blocks, frozen blocks & bubble blocks appear in levels too.
  • Combat Arena Challenge - Combat Arena Challenge are games where there are 3 waves of enemies. During this time, the player must fight off the enemies and try to live for the 3 waves. The setting appears to be in Jellyfish Fields, but in one case, Jellyfish Fields in the night. The arena games are, in a way a 'sneek peek' for what the future enemies will appear like. (For example, the enemies in the Thug Tug arena challenge are what the enemies will look in the Trench).
  • Bungee Challenge - SpongeBob must use a fishing hook as a bungee to dive into and smash targets, but must watch for steam or lasers.
  • Sonic Wave Guitar Challange - SpongeBob must use his Sonic Wave Guitar move and steer through an large line of rings to get from the end of the level to a target at the beginning of the level. (He needs the move before he can do it.)


  • Jellyfish with bucket heads were never shown or even mentioned in the actual movie.
  • In the level "Dennis Strikes Back" where the player is on the back of David Hasselholf, if one jumps far enough, they can see David Hasselholf's face.
  • The Bash Move slightly makes a reference to the episode I'm Your Biggest Fanatic because the Bash Move is Spongebob with a boxing glove, and the upgraded move is spongebob with a metallic boxing glove with spikes. These two items are seen simultaneously in that episode.
  • In the level "No Cheese" Patrick is seen floating with the same flag he had in the movie. However, the Level "No Cheese" takes place in a dream, and Patrick actually floating takes place in real life, after the the dream.
  • In the 3rd level, while driving, Monuments of Plankton can be seen already being built. Now, to assume that the takeover was already starting would be wrong since the invasion doesn't even start until after Spongebob & Patrick visit the Thug Tug however, in the desert levels before the Thug Tug, bucket heads are already being seen.
  • In the final arena mini-game named, "Ultimate Arena Challange" you find near the start of "Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions" you play as Patrick and there is only one enemy, which is simply a jellyfish which seems incredibly ironic since the following arena challenges have been incredibly tough.
  • In concept art for "Planktopolis" the level was supposed to look darker and more dystopian, however the music perfectly represents as is.
  • Some events in the game can only be done once. Such as the car crash at the start of "No Cheese"
  • The game is featured in Happy Squared Double Pack.
  • Many enemies are similar to those from Battle for Bikini Bottom such as Slammer and Hammer. In fact, this game uses the same graphics from it.
  • In the Shell City: Dead Ahead level, some robots from Battle for Bikini Bottom (the Fodder model) make cameo appearances as rotting garbage. This indicates that Plankton's remaining robots from the previous game were effectively destroyed, and were dumped in this area.
  • In the slide levels, if the player dies, SpongeBob and Patrick's ride flip over. This might have been inspired by Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, where if the player dies, Kirby and Waddle Dee's ride flip over.

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