Self Assembling Tent

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The Self Assembling Tent in its pack
The tent, fully assembled

The Remote Controlled Self Assembling Tent is a object featured in The Camping Episode.

[edit] Looks

It is a brownish grey colored tent with a silver zipper.

[edit] Appearance

Squidward brought out his self assembling tent, and tried to put it up but he could not do it. He used "customization" to help rip the tent. He tenderized the ground by hitting the tent with sticks in his anger, but it eventually put itself together but then it collapsed again. Squidward then just decided to "watch the stars".

[edit] Trivia

  • Squidward must have broken it.
  • It should not be called a self assembling tent because it does not self assemble.
  • In order for it to put up the tent Squidward was supposed to unzip the tent first.
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