Sea Rhinoceros

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The Sea Rhinoceros!

The Sea Rhinoceros is a creature looks like a sea turtle and a rhinoceros; these creatures are bigger and meaner than Sea Bears and are attracted by the sounds of a Sea Bear attack. The only way to protect yourself from a sea rhinoceros is to wear Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments (Said by SpongeBob and Patrick). The Sea Rhinoceros appeared in The Camping Episode. The Sea Rhinoceros is the secondary antagonist of The Camping Episode.


[edit] Looks

It has the head of a rhinoceros and a body of a sea turtle. These creatures are big, look armor plated and the one shown was grayish in color. Its eyes are black with a yellow outline and its first appernce was in the camping epiosode.

[edit] Attitude

The Sea Rhinoceros are meaner than the Sea Bear and may attack anyone, especially Squidward. It may also attack someone more than once.

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