Picture Day (Episode)

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Picture Day
Episode No.: 93a
Season: Season 5
Airdate: 02.08.2007
Previous Episode: Atlantis SquarePantis
Next Episode: Pat No Pay

"Picture Day" is an episode from Season 5.






SpongeBob wakes up in the morning and tells Gary that it is 'Picture Day'. SpongeBob then gets up and cleans himself up and leaves his house with an umbrella. He says that he would love to talk to Squidward, but he can not because it is Picture Day. Then after that the trash people pick up SpongeBob and put him in the trash! So SpongeBob runs back inside and cleans up and he is better again. SpongeBob gets close to the boating school until he hears screaming and people are running away because teenagers are throwing balloons filled with Tomato Ketchup. One fish got hit, and he warned SpongeBob. Then a teenager comes past and hits SpongeBob regardless of what SpongeBob has to say. More teenagers run towards SpongeBob but he hides on a hot dog restaurant.

Although SpongeBob was slightly saved, an old man Squirts Ketchup on SpongeBob. SpongeBob goes back home again, but puts on Sponge Gloss, a special cream that makes him look shiny. SpongeBob goes outside and dodges more people and he can see Boating School in the Distance. The Sun then comes out, shines on the Sponge Gloss, reflects on a truck driver's eyes, which causes him to crash and water falls on SpongeBob, thus making the Sponge Gloss fall off. SpongeBob says that it is only water, but like on a cue, another truck crashes and stamps fall on him, then another truck crashes and oatmeal falls on him. Finally another truck crashes and glue falls on him!

After that incident, it shows SpongeBob in the shower washing off all the mess. Patrick enters SpongeBob's house and asks to borrow some jelly. SpongeBob says "Yes" and Patrick licks up all the Jelly and has solved his hunger problem. SpongeBob then has an idea and he jumps in the jar saying that he will be protected from all the dirty debris around Bikini Bottom. Patrick runs to the Boating School with SpongeBob and they successfully arrive although Patrick questions the jar and says "Why did I bring jelly for?” SpongeBob tries to tell him that he is in there but Patrick pours SpongeBob on a peanut butter taco which makes SpongeBob cry.

Patrick then tells SpongeBob to get out of the taco but SpongeBob explains to Patrick that all he wanted was for him to have a good photo, and not be remembered as the guy with peanut butter and taco shells. After, we see Mrs. Puff taking SpongeBob in and we see another person getting their photo taken. SpongeBob is the last person to have his photo taken and SpongeBob asks Mrs. Puff to clean up although he was not able to. SpongeBob is still crying and he cries when he says cheese. So the photographer tries to cheer SpongeBob up, cleanses up SpongeBob and puts an outfit on. SpongeBob still cries so the photographer grabs Pearlie, puts it in SpongeBob's mouth and it automatically smiles. After that, SpongeBob is looking in his photo book and sees himself with Pearlie in his teeth.


  • When SpongeBob is being extremely careful it is similar to what he did in the episode I Had an Accident.
  • This is the first appearance of the "Sponge Gloss".
  • This is the third time SpongeBob gets covered in trash. The first was "Christmas Who?" and the second was "Missing Identity"
  • In other episodes, SpongeBob's socks already have the lines but in this episode he draws them.
  • A gag in this episode is that SpongeBob takes a shower with his clothes on. In fact, this is the first time when he takes a shower alone. He takes one in the movie too with his clothes on, but with Squidward. When Patrick comes in and sees SpongeBob, SpongeBob says "Patrick, a little privacy here.". For some reason, if his clothes were on, nothing should be private.
  • Why is SpongeBob cleaning his whole self if he only gets part of him dirty instead of his whole body?
  • Spongebob has big teeth from Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II and Rock-A-Bye Bivalve, but now in this episode has Pearlie.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob was in a jar. The first was in Jellyfish Hunter.
  • Why are there humans (with Pearlie on) in the yearbook?!
  • It is early in the morning when Spongebob wakes up and the teenagers are let out of school with tomato ketchup, why would school have finished early in the morning?
  • Spongebob says that someday he will gradulate from boating school. This means that he doesn't know that he will never learn how to drive forever.
  • It is assumed that the photographer may be Polish or Austrian.


Episode Transcript: Picture Day

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