Mr. Krabs and Pearl's House

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The Outside
Pearl talking on the phone in her bedroom.

Mr. Krabs' House is located at 3541 Anchor Way, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean. It is a big black anchor-house.


The living room contains a lot of stuff, in which includes, paintings, antiques, souvenirs, books, a doll collection, a computer, old newspapers, and other valuable stuff including his first dollar. This living room is made up of wood and once painted silver seen in episode: Wet Painters. It, so far, has a chair made from pieces of wood that Mr. Krabs sits, and for a television, a barrel with ropes that stick up as antennas.

The dining room and the kitchen are all in one room. This room contains a small light brown carpet, a barrel with a small flower décor on top of it, a wooden table, and an antique-like chair that Mr. Krabs sits, a counter with a sink, a cabinet, a hanger for kitchen utensils, and other small decors.

The bathroom is small and couldn’t have that much stuff. The bathroom has a sink made up of wood, a rug made up of rope, an oval-shaped mirror that is wrapped around with a rope, a toilet, a towel hanger and a tissue holder holding ropes.

Mr. Krabs' room also contains a lot of stuff. Mr. Krabs' bed is a hammock that he sleeps. His room has holes on the floor and sometimes causes his legs to break and de-attach, seen in episode: Squeaky Boots. For some strange reason, Mr. Krabs had a real bed in The Lost Mattress.

Pearl's room is depicted like a stereotypical girl’s room and she has all pink stuff, a purple colored double bed that she sleeps, a telephone, posters of Boys Who Cry, a dressing/makeup table and even a love heart rug. The room is upstairs, as revealed in Whale of a Birthday.

There is also a garage on the right side of the house. It looks like a typical garage. Except, it's built out of trash and SpongeBob's old bed spread.

Pearl Krabs’ bedroom is located on the left side of the house and Mr. Krabs’ bedroom is located on the right side of the house.


The whole house is mainly a big black anchor with 2 red roofs on each side of the anchor. The outside is very spacious, and sometimes children play on Mr. Krabs' front yard seen in episode Krabs a la Mode. In the older episodes the house has a chain on its roof. It now doesn't.


The only known characters who ever lives here are Mr. Krabs and Pearl.

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